Zachariah Anderson convicted of murdering Rosalio Gutierrez

Zachariah Anderson, center, hears his fate in Kenosha County; the Wisconsin father was found guilty of intentional murder on March 22, 2023. (Law&Crime Network)

A Wisconsin father accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend’s new lover in May 2020 was found guilty by a jury of his peers in a Kenosha County courtroom late Wednesday afternoon.

Zachariah Anderson, 42, was convicted of intentional murder for the presumed death of Rosalio Gutierrez Jr., 40. Prosecutors argued the jealousy-fueled attack left blood spattered throughout the victim’s apartment – ​​and left the location of the victim’s body a mystery.

The jury also found the defendant guilty of one count each of stalking Gutierrez, and of stalking Sadie Beacham, the mother of Zachariah Anderson’s children, and guilty on one count of hiding a corpse.

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