Xuxa’s special at “Altas Horas” thrills with shows by Gloria Groove, Lexa and Wanessa Camargo

Photo: Twitter/Globo/Poppoca Moderna

Saturday’s “Altas Horas” program (11/3) was a great tribute to Xuxa’s 60th birthday, with an audience full of celebrities who are part of the artist’s life or who were influenced by her. Xuxa gave testimonials and heard statements from famous fans, and even received a special show with Gloria Groove, Lexa and Wanessa Camargo, who sang some of the greatest hits of the presenter’s career.

The singers confided that they were greatly influenced by the Queen of Baixinhos.

“I speak for all drag queens when I say that, without Xuxa, we wouldn’t do half of what we did. Not to mention that we wouldn’t have countless references in fashion, art, music. Eternal gratitude”, said Glória.

In turn, Wanessa revealed that she learned to believe in her potential and decided to be a singer after watching the Xuxa program.

“You have no idea the influence you have on me being a singer. It was you who I heard saying ‘believe in your dream’. She said those phrases at the end of the program and, without knowing it, it was she who educated me, raised me, and it was part of the definitive decision that I wanted to be a singer, after ‘Lua de Cristal'”, revealed Wanessa.

Lexa went further, revealing that her name is a tribute to Xuxa. She was born Lea Cristina Araújo da Fonseca, but because of her mother’s love for Xuxa, the family matriarch added the letter X to say her name, which became a trademark of her artistic career.

And the performances didn’t stop there! There was Daniel, Tiago Abravanel, Silvero Pereira, Jeniffer Nascimento, Fabiana Karla, Malu Rodrigues, Erika Januza and Junno Andrade singing Xuxa classics in the special, which left the presenter very emotional, along with big laughs and tears.

“Being here today, turning 60 and saying ‘damn it, I didn’t have to die to receive this honor’ is very emotional. It’s a movie coming out, it’s a documentary, there’s so much going on that I look up and say ‘I don’t know if I I deserve’. These stories that you told me, and that involve me, these stories help me to write my story. If you think my story is beautiful, it’s because it is told through you”, he said.

See below a sample of the musical part of the tribute.

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