Women’s Day: where to celebrate eating well?

Celebrated on the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day It is a very significant date, made official by the United Nations (UN) in 1975, with the aim of honoring political and social achievements, the claim for gender equality over time and encouraging the continuity of this struggle.

Because it is a date with so much meaning, several bars and restaurants prepare tributes, promotions and special programs to celebrate in style. Check out these establishments now:

The B-Burgers

Photo: Instagram @thebburgersbrasil

I eat whatever I want!” It is the theme of the International Women’s Day campaign of the gourmet hamburger chain The B-Burgers, with 400 stores throughout Brazil. In between March 6th and 10thall customers will have 10% discount on sandwiches, combos and dishes from the Premium, Smash and Executive lines. The person responsible for the menu is Chef Ítalo Bruno, founder of the brand.

The B-Burgers Premium line brings super gourmet hamburgers, always very well prepared with a blend of prime meats, toasted bacon, cheddar cheese and surprising sauces. With the same quality, but in a smaller size, the Smash sandwiches surprise with their combination of flavors. Garlic Smash, Smash Eggs Bacon, Double Smash Cheddar Bacon, Grilled Smash.

The gourmet hamburger restaurant also has as an option on its menu, Executive dishes, such as the traditional Steak on Horseback, Meat or Chicken Parmigiana, Pork Steak and Fish Fillet, which are among the most requested.

Instagram: @thebburgersbrasil

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physical stores: 10% discount, directly at the checkout, for orders for products from the Premium, Smash and Executive lines made by women.

delivery orders: In purchases made by delivery, the discount will not be applied. The customer will, however, receive a 10% discount voucher to be used on her next purchase.

little cottage

Photo: Disclosure Chalezinho

In celebration of International Women’s Day, this March 8, Era Uma Vez Um Chalezinho highlights the “fourth of them”, a special night for women, at the Itaim unit, to the sound of voice and piano.

What is new is that the action has an exclusive partnership with Chandon, where the customer, when ordering the second bottle of sparkling wine, get a baby Chandon to take home.

For women, the house offers the traditional rodízio (BRL 139), including soft cheese fondue, quattro formaggi, with tomato, margherita, herbs, mushrooms and accompanied by Italian bread and walnuts. Also the meat fondue, served with wine, with options like baby beef and chicken breast fillet; accompaniments are crispy garlic toast and eight sauces (garlic, cheese, rosé, poivre, herbs, spicy pineapple, mushrooms and mustard. Finally, the all-you-can-eat meal also includes sweet fondue. Among the options, lausanne with milk or half -dark, chocolate with creamy marshmallow, Viçosa dulce de leche, Nutella® and Leite Ninho® with Nutella®.Various fruits, Cucuruchu and Marshmallows are included.On the date, the cover charge is R$30 per person.

Instagram: @chalezinho

Click here to find the unit closest to you.


Pink Gin do Koburger

Pink Gin do Koburger

Photo: Disclosure Koburger

Koburger is successful with its burgers, snacks and dishes created by chef Thiago Gil, with cuts of 100% Wagyu cattle Certificate. Also known as Kobe Beef, it is considered the noblest, softest and tastiest meat in the world! In honor of Women’s Day, on March 8, women will have a 50% discount on drinks: Gin tonic ($28), Pink Gin ($28) and Caipirinhas ($19) in all its units in the capital – in the neighborhoods of Pinheiros, Itaim Bibi, Vila Mariana – and in Boituva, in the interior of São Paulo. To go with it, the chef suggests snacks: Kobe Balls – R$ 29/49 Wagyu beef croquettes, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, served with paprika mayonnaise and the Chef’s Koburger (R$ 52), with juicy 150g Wagyu burger, homemade mayonnaise, red onion, american cheese, delicious handmade bacon strips caramelized in the chef’s sweet spicy sauce, arugula on Australian bread.

Adresses: R. Alcindo Guanabara, 27 – Vila Mariana

Rua Padre Garcia Velho, 83. Pinheiros -SP

Und Koa Itaim – Rua Joaquim Floriano, 845. Itaim Bibi – SP

Rua Ângelo Ribeiro, 50. Boituva – SP

Clothesline87 Steakhouse

Drink Suzanna, created by bartender Sioney Alves.

Drink Suzanna, created by bartender Sioney Alves.

Photo: Disclosure Varal 87

Varal87 Steakhouse is successful due to its distinctive cuisine, which offers grilled cuts on the parrilla, on the ground fire and on the smoked clothesline. Located in Moema, its main environment is the Quintal do Varal, a pleasant wooded outdoor area and two more cozy environments. On Women’s Day, March 8, the house presents women at lunch, happy hour and dinner, with a drink that can be with or without alcoholspecially created by bartender Sioney Alves, the drink suzzanaa reinterpretation of a classic made by a famous bartender, especially for a woman!

In the extensive menu, it is worth ordering the different Burrata Quente ($69.87) as an appetizer or starter, the delicious Varal Ribs for the main course, which is smoked for 8 hours and baked for another 8 hours at low temperature in the oven, resulting in a tender meat to eat with a spoon and the Chocolate Surprise ($29.90), a really surprising and beautiful dessert to click the photo of the special day!

Instagram: @line87

Address: Rua Graúna, 87 – Moema – SP

Phone: (11) 2307-0141 or Whatsapp: (11) 97222-0240.

It has a pet friendly area!

Bar Brahma

Photo: Bar Brahma Disclosure

Symbol of São Paulo’s bohemia, the traditional Bar Brahma, located on the most famous corner in the country, Ipiranga X Avenida São João, and immortalized by the music of Caetano Veloso, receives on the 8th, International Women’s Day, the samba singers Ana Aoas and Milena Castrowho will perform on the veranda from 6 pm and country duo Matheus Minas and Leandro with a special participation of Lucyana Villar with presentation in the main hall, from 21h. To make the occasion even more special, the bar offers a 10% discount on its pizza menu.

Instagram: @barbrahma

Telephone: 11 5199-2150

Whatsapp: 11 94746-1951

Address: Av São João, 677 – Center SP

pudding pie

Photo: Pudding Pie Disclosure

International Women’s Day symbolizes women’s achievements during the 20th century and the fight for gender equality. Thinking about celebrating this important milestone, Pudding Pie, specialized in pies and puddings and recognized for providing unique flavor experiences, presents its customers in a partnership with the São Luiz beauty salon, specialized in beauty and personal care. To the The first 10 customers who place orders with Pudding Pie on March 8th will receive a voucher with 40% off discount for a haircut, hydration, manicure or pedicure.

For more information and orders: (11) 94561-8911.

Instagram: @thepuddingpie

delivery: Mon to Fri: 08h to 18h. Sat and Sun: 9 am to 5 pm. Withdrawals from Monday to Friday.

Telephone: (11) 94561-8911


Pistachio ice cream, salted caramel sauce and caramelized pistachios. The union of flavors and textures that make you ask for more arrives at Rendez-Vous on March 8th, in honor of International Women’s Day. Dubbed coupé glacê, the dessert is served in a glass and costs R$38.

“We wanted a refreshing dessert that would also be able to offer our customers a Parisian summer experience. The glacé coupé brings the mix of complementary textures together with the sophistication of the ingredients. And that inspired us to launch it in honor of women”, says the chef at the house, Adriana Silvério.

Located on the corner of Fradique Coutinho and Arthur de Azevedo, the Rendez-Vous café and bistro has been bringing the charm of the City of Light to the streets of Pinheiros since 2016. brunch lunch and dinneralways with classic French dishes ranging from great pain au chocolat to steak frites.

In addition, the Rendez-Vous stands out for its authorial and classic drinks, prepared by the house’s team of mixologists. There are also good options for wines, beers, juices and great non-alcoholic cocktails.

Instagram: @rendezvous. bistro

Address: Rua Fradique Coutinho, 179

Phone: (11) 4564-0146

opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 11 pm; Saturdays from 9am to 11pm, Sundays from 9am to 7pm.

It accepts reservations and has exclusive options for hosting events. Click here to learn more.

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