Women who faced machismo in the Judiciary – 08/03/2023 – Frederico Vasconcelos

In November 2020, we asked a group of readers to nominate female judges, lawyers, prosecutors, prosecutors and public defenders who played an important role in confronting sexism in the Judiciary.

The result was the formation of a list of 50 names, which illustrated the post in honor of “Women who faced machismo“.

They held command posts or suffered and witnessed gender discrimination.

The selection includes authors of works on violence against women and young professionals who can report on what is changing in these institutions.

Machismo is defined as behavior that tends to deny women the extent of prerogatives or rights of men. It is a phenomenon that affects women in any activity. It is more serious in the Judiciary due to the power conferred on its members.

On International Women’s Day, the Blog reproduces the list of honored women

Ada Pallegrini Grinover – in memoriam (professor and jurist)

Alexandra Lebelson Szafir – in memoriam (lawyer)

Ana Lucia Amaral (regional attorney of the republic retired)

Andrea Pacha (TJ-RJ judge)

Angelica de Almeida (judge judge TJ-SP)

Beatriz Stella Azevedo Affonso (attorney)

Carla Patricia Lopes (TJDFT judge)

Carmen Lúcia (Minister of the Supreme Court)

Claudia Aoun Tannuri (public defender)

Consuelo Yoshida (federal judge of TRF-3)

Eliana Calmon (lawyer, retired minister of the STJ)

Ellen Gracie (lawyer, retired minister of the STF)

Esther Figueiredo Ferraz – in memoriam (lawyer, former Minister of Education)

Eunice Prudente (lawyer, teacher)

Flavia Piovesan – (state attorney)

Geilza Diniz (TJDFT judge)

Hayssa Medeiros (Attorney of the Republic)

Isabel Groba Vieira (Attorney of the Republic)

Ivana Farina (Counselor of the CNJ, Public Prosecutor MP-GO)

Ivete Ferreira (lawyer and first director of the Faculty of Law at USP)

Jaceguara Dantas da Silva (prosecutor of Justice, MP-MS)

Janice Ascari (Regional Attorney of the Republic)

Julia Rossi de Carvalho Sponchiado (Prosecutor of the Republic in the AM)

Kenarik Boujikian (retired judge of the TJ-SP)

Laurita Vaz (Minister of the STJ)

Ligia Bisogni (TJ-SP judge)

Liliana Buff de Souza e Silva (lawyer, retired public prosecutor)

Luiza Cristina Fonseca Frischeisen (Deputy Attorney General of the Republic)

Luzia Galvao (first judge of the TJ-SP)

Maria Apparcida de Toledo (office director)

Maria Berenice Dias (Lawyer, retired Judge of the TJ-RS)

Maria Lucia Pizzotti (TJ-SP judge)

Maria Luisa Carvalho (Regional Attorney of the Republic)

Maria Tereza Sadek (political scientist)

Maria Thereza de Assis Moura (President of the STJ, former National Justice Inspector)

Marisa dos Santos (federal judge of TRF-3)

Nair Lemos (first professor of law at USP)

Nancy Andrighi (Minister of the STJ, former National Inspector of Justice)

Nathalia Mariel (Attorney of the Republic)

Raquel Dodge (Former Attorney General of the Republic)

Rejane Jungbluth Suxberg (TJDFT judge)

Rosa Maria Andrade Nery (jurist, retired judge)

Rosa Maria Cardoso da Cunha (jurist)

Rosana Chiavassa (attorney)

Silvia Pimentel (Professor at the Faculty of Law at PUC-SP)

Taís Borja Gasparian (attorney)

Tatiane Moreira Lima (TJ-SP judge)

Tereza Exner (Prosecutor of Justice of MP-SP)

Therezinha Cazerta (former president of TRF-3)

Valeria Scarance

(MP-SP prosecutor) Thanks for the warning from reader Elvira Maria. Thanks to her observation, I updated the text with a link that refers to the homage published on November 10, 2020.

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