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Woman Gets Pregnant For Gateman While Husband Seeks Greener Life in Dubai

A young man who traveled to Dubai to seek greener pastures has shared a sad story of how his gateman impregnated his wife. The gateman found himself in trouble from the moment the man traveled.

According to the husband, he noticed his wife was having an affair with his gateman after he had left the country some eight months ago.

He added that he returned back home only to notice that his wife was five months pregnant when he has been away for more than eight months.

The man who is in tears also mentioned that a lot of people have been coming to advise him to forgive his wife but he is finding it difficult to forgive her because he knows he will always think about it when he sees the child.

The husband in a post talking about the issue stated that he has never cheated on his wife and has no intention to cheat on her despite giving him a reason to do that.

He shared: “What advice can you give a man who left his wife and traveled to Dubai for greener pasture?

He spent 8 months before coming back only to find out that her wife is already sleeping with our gateman.

To the extent that she is already 5 months pregnant. People are telling me to forgive her but seeing that child will always remind me of the affairs.

I have never cheated on her even with all the temptation I face daily.

I started self-help with my hand just to reduce the urge in order not to cheat on her cos I love her so much.

What advice do you have for me? Our marriage is not up to a year.”


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