With a full backpack, centrão enters Lula’s administration through the ‘nothing to declare’ queue – 03/12/2023

In Brazil, patrimonialism has the resistance of a diamond. It survives all governments. Prodigal in the distribution of positions and funds, Bolsonaro included Codevasf in the list of gifts given to the secret budget cartel. Converted into the center’s crown jewel, perversion in the state-owned company was smuggled in the group’s backpack into the new administration. Lula pretends to be dead, while public funds are incorporated into private collections.

News published by Folha reveals that smelly bids made at the end of the lights of the Bolsonaro administration are enshrined under Lula as if the control bodies had not discovered anything about the winning companies. At the dawn of the new government, at least 47 paving contracts were signed that, in an ethical world, would be annulled. They are worthy of inquiry, not hire. Business of BRL 650 million.

Days ago, Globo had already reported another strange transaction. The difference is that it was 100% braided under Squid. Governor of Amapá until December 31, Waldez Goes announced on the eve of the end of his mandate the paving of a highway budgeted at R$ 100 million. Leave Macapá, towards the south of the state. Work to be performed in partnership with Codevasf.

On January 1, Waldez was appointed by Lula to the Ministry of National Integration, precisely the folder that houses Codevasf. As a minister, he signed the service order for the work he had trumpeted as governor.

Breno Chaves Pinto is the owner of the company that will pave the Amapá road. He becomes an alternate for Davi Alcolumbre, the senator who nominated Waldez for Lula. Denied in the ministry, Elmar Nascimento, a deputy from the Arthur Lira deposit, demanded that his sponsor, engineer Marcelo Moreira, remain in charge of Codevasf. Appointed under Bolsonaro in 2019, Moreira is staying. With Lula’s endorsement.

Lula’s third return to the Planalto is marked by a peculiarity. When someone criticizes the government, he is called a fascist by PT. After all, Lula prevailed in the race against Bolsonaro as a hero of the democratic resistance, with cross-party support. One shrugs off the fact that the eerie brilliance of the diamonds in the center begins to overshadow the gems on the broad front.

Urged to comment on Codevasf’s trouble, Planalto preferred silence. With a full backpack, the centrão glides smoothly into the Lula government along the “nothing to declare” queue. Lula still does not have a solid support block in Congress. But the centrão has already cataloged the President of the Republic in its private collection.

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