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Smriti Mishra College and Optional Subject:

Driven by her passion for law and governance, Smriti pursued her higher education in Delhi, the capital city of India. She gained admission to a prestigious law college, where she dedicated herself to mastering the intricacies of the legal field. With a keen interest in public administration and policymaking, she chose political science as her optional subject in the UPSC exams.

Smriti Mishra Family, Parents:

Smriti Mishra hails from a family with a strong tradition of public service and a deep-rooted commitment to the legal profession. Her father, DSP Rajkumar Mishra, has enjoyed a successful career in the Uttar Pradesh Police, holding various positions and earning promotions throughout his service. Meanwhile, her brother, Lokesh Mishra, has established himself as a reputable lawyer practicing in both the Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.

Smriti Mishra Background and Support:

Smriti has been fortunate to receive unwavering support from her family, especially her parents. Her father and brother have been pillars of strength, providing constant encouragement, guidance, and mentorship. Growing up in an environment where both law enforcement and the legal field played significant roles, Smriti’s aspirations were shaped, and she developed a strong sense of duty towards public service. She has also garnered acknowledgment and appreciation from her teachers, mentors, and well-wishers for her exceptional dedication and accomplishments.

Smriti Mishra UPSC Rank:

Smriti’s remarkable performance in the UPSC exams catapulted her to the esteemed position of being the fourth-ranked candidate among all the aspirants. This outstanding achievement garnered widespread recognition and applause from both her peers and the academic community. 

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