Who is Timmy Aucoin from Swamp People? Age, wife, daughter.

Timmy Aucoin is an American alligator hunter and reality television personality. He is best known for being one of the cast members of the History Channel series Swamp People, which follows the lives and adventures of people who hunt alligators in the swamps of Louisiana.

Early life and family

Timmy Aucoin was born and raised in Louisiana. where he comes from a legendary family that has lived for generations. He grew up hunting alligators with his father and grandfather, learning the skills and traditions of the bayou. He swore he would do whatever it takes to make a living in the wetlands, even if it meant risking his life every day.

Timmy Aucoin Swamp People


Timmy Aucoin has been hunting alligators for over 40 years and has earned a reputation as one of the best and most experienced hunters in the area. He also fishes for crawfish when he is not wrangling gators, and sells his catch to local restaurants and markets. He lives with his daughter in Pierre Part, a small town in the heart of Cajun country.

Timmy Aucoin joined the cast of Swamp People in season 14, which premiered in 2022. He is one of the new hunters who are introduced to the show where he is seen facing the challenges and dangers of hunting alligators in the Atchafalaya Basin, the largest wetland and swamp in the United States.

Personal life

Wife and Kids:

Timmy Aucoin loves the swamp but there is one thing that Timmy loves more than the swamp: his daughter. She is his pride and joy, his reason for living. He raised her as a single parent and taught her everything he knew about the swamp, hoping she would follow in his footsteps. He wanted her to share his passion and respect for the land and the animals. But he also wanted her to be happy and safe.

Timmy knew the swamp was a dangerous place, full of predators and perils, and couldn’t be always there to protect her. Also, he knew she had dreams and ambitions of her own, beyond the swamp. That’s why he supported her when she decided to go to college. He was proud of her for pursuing her education and career. He still lives with his daughter in Pierre Part, a small town in the heart of Cajun country. But now it’s only when she comes home for holidays or vacations. The rest of the time, he lives alone in his modest house by the swamp.

He doesn’t mind being alone. He has his friends and neighbors, who are like family to him. He has his dog and his boat, who are his loyal companions. He has his swamp and his alligators, who are his life. He is content with what he has. He doesn’t need anything else. He is Timmy Aucoin, a swamp man.

Age/Ethnicity/Physical Traits:

Timmy Aucoin’s exact age is not known, but he has been hunting alligators for over 40 years, so he is likely in his 50s or 60s. As for his physical traits, he has brown hair, a beard, and brown eyes. He usually wears a hat, sunglasses, and a T-shirt when he is hunting. His surname comes from an Old French personal name Alcuin of ancient Germanic origin composed of the elements alh ‘temple’ and win ‘friend’ and borne by a famous English scholar and theologian (c. 735–804) an influential figure at the court of Charlemagne. The surname has been assimilated by folk etymology to the French phrase au coin ‘at the corner. Timmy hails from a legendary family that has lived in Louisiana for generations.

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