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Police in Brownsville, Texas, named local man George Alvarez, 34, as the suspect accused of driving an SUV into a crowd of people waiting for a bus outside a migrant shelter in the border city Sunday morning. Earlier, Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar shared a shocking video from a security camera revealing the moment Alvarez’s gray Ranger Rover, traveling along North Minnesota Avenue toward Boca Chica Boulevard, crashed into the crowd outside. of the Bishop Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center in the city.

Seven people died in the crash, which authorities initially said appeared to be intentional before an eighth victim succumbed to his injuries at a hospital later Sunday. At least nine others were hospitalized. Most of the victims were Venezuelan men who had spent the night at the shelter and were boarding a bus to return to downtown Brownsville.

The driver was also taken to hospital and has since been described by police as “very uncooperative”, revealing that he is known to them and has an extensive criminal record.

George Alvarez Age

George Alvarez is 34 years old.

FBI photographed at the scene of the Brownsville crash

With the investigation still ongoing and the local police department leaving many questions unanswered after that brief press conference, here is a short clip of federal agents visiting the scene on Sunday.

The driver behind the accident was identified as George Alvarez

Brownsville Police Chief Felix Sauceda names the suspect in the case as 34-year-old Brownsville resident George Alvarez, who says he has an extensive criminal history.

He says the department is still waiting on the suspect’s toxicology results and that it’s too early to determine the motive, telling a reporter that investigators still haven’t definitively ruled whether the episode was accidental or intentional.

He adds that all the victims are male and that the investigation is still ongoing before quickly leaving, answering only a handful of questions from the press. My colleague Graig Graziosi has this report on the latest developments.

George Alvarez Identified as Driver in Texas Migrant Shelter Accident

Brownsville police have identified the driver in a fatal car crash that left eight people dead outside an immigrant center in Texas.

Brownsville police to hold a press conference

The local Texas police department is due to give an update in about 10 minutes, streaming live on Facebook. Police are investigating whether the incident, which left eight dead, was intentional or accidental, with the driver “not cooperating” at the hospital

Ozanam Center Director: ‘People have come through the door to say the reason this happened is because of us’

Despite tensions surrounding the influx of Venezuelan migrants and the subsequent declaration of emergency, Sister Norma Pimentel, executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, said the Ozanam shelter had received no direct threats prior to the events. Sunday.

Víctor Maldonado, director of the center, also said that there have been no previous threats, but there have been since then. “A couple of people came through the door and told the security guard that the reason this happened was because of us,” he told the AP.

An increase in arrivals from Venezuela led Brownsville to declare a state of emergency

Brownsville has seen an increase in the number of Venezuelan immigrants who have arrived in the past two weeks for unclear reasons, local authorities said in light of yesterday’s incident. On Thursday, 4,000 of the 6,000 migrants in Border Patrol custody in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley were Venezuelans.

The surge prompted Brownsville commissioners to indefinitely extend an emergency declaration during a special meeting held last week as local, state, and federal resources coordinated enforcement and humanitarian response.

“We don’t want them wandering outside,” Pedro Cárdenas, the city commissioner, said after Sunday’s deadly crash. “So, we’re trying to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible so they don’t have to go out and look elsewhere.”

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Brownsville has long been an epicenter for migration across the US-Mexico border and has become a key hotspot for the end of pandemic-era border restrictions next week known as Title 42. The Ozanam shelter is the only overnight shelter in the city and manages the release of thousands of migrants from federal custody.

Some 2,500 migrants have crossed the Rio Grande into Brownsville daily in recent days, Cárdenas said.

He added that Border Patrol is aware of the city’s capacity of 1,000 at its processing area near the crossing point and a downtown building where city employees and volunteers guide migrants on how to buy bus tickets or planes to their final destinations. The city is considering expanding those services to meet needs in the coming days, Cárdenas said.

While 80 percent of people released from federal custody typically leave the same day, the city’s emergency management official said, a bottleneck has formed in recent days.

“Most of the people who cross don’t want to stay in Brownsville, but we don’t have enough buses for them to buy their exit ticket,” Cardenas said. “Some are waiting for relatives.”

The Ozanam shelter has a capacity of 250 people.

“In the last two months we have been receiving 250 to 380 per day,” said its director, Víctor Maldonado. Although the shelter offers transport to the migrants during the week, they also use the public transport of the city.

Rochelle Garza, president of the Texas Civil Rights Project, said in a statement shared Sunday afternoon: “I hope today serves as a wake-up call and that state officials begin to invest in a humanitarian response that could have helped the people who were impacted by this morning’s tragedy.”

US Representative Vicente González said local officials are in communication with the federal government about the accident. “We are all extremely saddened and heartbroken to have such a tragedy in our neighborhood,” he said.

The aforementioned Bishop Flores celebrated a mass last night at the Ozanam migrant shelter for the victims of yesterday’s terrible attack.

“Many first responders attended the mass,” he says. “Pray for them too, because the load they carry is great.”

Police question driver after eight dead, nine injured in bus stop accident
While we await further updates on this story, here’s a look back at my colleague Graeme Massie’s original reporting of the tragedy.

The man injured in the accident says the driver insulted the migrants and yelled: “You are trespassing on my property!”
While local police have so far insisted they have yet to establish whether the driver’s actions were intentional or accidental, comments made by a man at the scene cast doubt on that position.

Luis Herrera, 33, who was struck by the van on Sunday and suffered a broken arm in the incident, claimed the driver was taunting the migrants before the accident occurred.

“He crossed the street, stepped on the accelerator, grabbed my legs, and hurt my arm. The others, he killed almost all of them,” The Washington Post quoted him as saying. The Post also reports that Herrera remembers the driver yelling, “You’re trespassing on my property!”

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