Who Is Breonna Taylor Parents? Mother Tamika Palmer And Father Everette Taylor

Who Is Breonna Taylor Parents? – Breonna Taylor was an American woman from Grand Rapids, MI whose name came to prominence in the media after she was tragically killed in 2020. 

Taylor lost his life from gunfire when Louisville police officers entered Taylor’s apartment under the mistaken belief that his residence was connected to a drug-dealing operation.

Who Is Breonna Taylor Parents? Siblings

Breonna Taylor with her parents and siblings

Breonna Taylor was born to her parents, Tamika Palmer (mother) and Everett Taylor (father). Everett is a doting father whose personal details remain unknown. Everett is said to have had six children before the age of 19.

Breonna Taylor had 5 siblings, all from different mothers. Their names are revealed to be Asia, D’Andrea, Etonia, Everett III, and Chantelle.

All her siblings are at the center of her life and busy with their careers. Dee Dee, aka Dee Dee, works as a social worker for Goodwill, and her mission is also to get her father out of prison. His initial release date is said to be in 2031.

Taylor was a native of Grand Rapids, MI which makes it clear that she was of American nationality. According to a report, Taylor moved from Michigan to Louisville as a teenager. Regarding her education, she attended Western High School in Louisville.

Breonna Taylor Mother Tamika Palmer

Breonna Taylor Mother Tamika Palmer
Breonna Taylor with her mother and sister

On the other hand, Chantel is a married lady who tied the knot in September 2020. For your information, Breonna, who worked as an emergency room technician, was living with her boyfriend at the time of her death.

Breonna Taylor Father Everette Taylor

Breonna Taylor Father Everette Taylor
Breonna Taylor’s father

Taylor’s father is serving his time in prison. In the past 23 years, he has lived in 16 of Michigan’s 30 prisons. Everett was busted for dealing drugs and was sent to prison. More about the case, Everett was dealing drugs on February 12, 1998, and when he passed a bag to Elijah McGee through the car’s driver’s window, Elijah sped away.

Everett confiscated the contraband bag, but an accomplice shot and killed the driver as he fled. Initially, he was charged with first-degree murder, but that was changed to second-degree murder due to not pulling the trigger.

With this, Everett was given a sentence of 25–50 years in prison instead of life without parole. In addition, his dream is to continue rebuilding relationships with family and loved ones.

Breonna Taylor Case Update

Breonna Taylor Case Update

In March 2020, Breonna Taylor was found shot to death in her home in Louisville, Kentucky. It is one of several high-profile cases that exposed police brutality and discrimination against African Americans.

In addition, the Justice Department on Wednesday announced an investigation into Memphis police policies and special units across the country.

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