‘Who does he think he is?’

Walled up, Domitila rips the verb and detonates Fred inside the ‘BBB 23’ confessional

The weather is very hot in the house of the BBB 23. After this Monday’s game of discord, 06/03, the brothers and sisters are in full bloom.

Domitila Barros Reproduction/GloboPlay

Photo: Mais Novela

On the morning of this Tuesday, 07/03, Domitilawent to the confessional during his x-ray, and detonated the attitude of fred.“I’m outraged here today. Because, as you are watching there in Brazil, there are people here literally giving their lives to play this game. I’ve already lost my mind, I spend the night at dawn to see if I can answer a big phone , strategize, buy a wildcard power”she said.

But she didn’t stop there, and detonated other confined ones too: “To have their Fredinhos, Bruninhas and Larinhas of life playing the game that they themselves verbalize is comfortable. To put yourself in arrogance and the right to, from top to bottom, keep saying: ‘playing with those over there’. And besides, he has the arrogance to say: ‘Key is going to leave, I put Sarinha in the game because I want to and she has to think it’s good. If she thinks it’s bad, she sucks because she’s bad. And you’re going to leave, Seu Facinho, because Brazil doesn’t like that. Who does he think he is? Who does this boy think he is to think he’s in charge of the game???”she questioned.


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