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Legendary singer, songwriter, and musician Chaka Khan Has captured The hearts of countless people With her soulful voice and dynamic performances. She Has attracted attention to her de ella personal Life de ella, particularly her relationships de ella, throughout The course of her career. Who Chaka Khan’s husband Is and The effects her relationships de ella Have had on her de ella Life and profession de ella will be examined In More detail In this Article.

Over the years, her career and influence have made her a household name, hence, her fans have always wanted to know everything about her, including who her husband is.

In this Article, we are going to discuss who Chaka Khan’s husband Is, as well as how what her relationship history Is like.


Before we get into all of that, though, let’s get to know who she is and how she has become so popular.

Is-chaka-khan-early-Life“>Who Is Chaka Khan? early life

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Chaka Khan

The American singer was born on March 23, 1953, in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States of America.

Her birth name was Yvette Marie Stevens.

Her parents were Charles Stevens and Sandra Coleman.

Chaka Khan was the first of five children born to her lovely parents.

Khan was brought up to be a Catholic.


She went to The Hyde Park elementary school run by Saint Thomas The Apostle Church. She credited her grandmother to her, who exposed her to jazz when she was a toddler, for inspiring her love of music.

As a pre-teen, Khan developed a love for rhythm and blues music.

When she was eleven, Khan and her sister Taka started a girl group called The Crystalettes.

Khan joined The Black Panther Party In 1967 after becoming friends With activist and Chicago native Fred Hampton, another member of The group, and attending multiple civil rights marches With her father’s second wife, Connie, a fervent supporter of The cause, In The late 1960s .

So who is Chaka Khan’s husband today? Who did she marry?

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Chaka Khan’s Husband

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Chaka Khan

Who did the legendary American singer marry? Chaka Khan’s husband Is Doug Rasheed, with whom she got married in 2001, after two failed marriages.

Her career In music Has been a successful one, but The same cannot be said of her relationship Life, as she Has had to suffer two failed marriages.

It may not be a surprise to many that she has had troubles in her relationship Life as that appears to be common among popular celebrities.

Chaka Khan’s husband, Doug Rasheed, may Not be as popular as The others, but The belief Is that after More than a decade With him, you would say things are quite working out for them, given that The previous two did Not go anywhere.

Her First marriage lasted for just a year, from 1970–1971, and The second lasted for some four years from 1976–1980.

So who is Chaka Khan’s husband Doug Rasheed?

He Is an American hip-hop producer best known for working on 2Pac’s Only God Can Judge Me and Coolio’s Gangsta Paradise.

Doug Rasheed married Chaka Khan In 2001, making him her third marriage.

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Chaka’s Past Marriages

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Chaka Khan

Before Doug Rasheed, Chaka Khan’s husband was Hassan Khan.

When she was 17 years old, she got married for The First time to Hassan Khan. A short while after, They got divorced.

In 1976, Khan married Richard Holland, her second husband.

According to reports, Khan’s marriage led to a schism with several Rufus members, including Andre Fischer.

She refused to alter her sexual stage persona despite Holland’s requests to do so.

Chaka Khan Has thrived In her work despite The ups and downs In her personal Life.

She has continued to push boundaries and try out new genres and styles, and her music has remained as popular as ever.

In truth, Chaka Khan has frequently used her own experiences as inspiration for her music, drawing on her setbacks and victories to produce some of her most enduring songs.

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