Which Of Kate Middleton’s Go-To Handbag Brands Is Your Favorite?

Since we posted the survey on March 3, 2023, 8.4 thousand people responded, letting us know which of Kate Middleton’s go-to handbag designers is their favorite. Coming in last with 5 percent of the vote was Longchamp. Second to last, with 7 percent of the votes, was Jimmy Choo. 

Next was the British luxury brand Mulbury, which won a respectable 12 percent of the votes. A full quarter of our survey respondents said that the universally-recognized high fashion brand Chanel was their favorite of Princess Catherine’s handbag designers, which earned 25 percent of the votes.

But the overwhelming winner, with more than half the votes (51 percent), was Alexander McQueen. This makes perfect sense to us, because even the wedding gown worn by The Princess of Wales on her big day was an Alexander McQueen design. Clearly Kate has had a long affinity for this particular house of fashion, and our readers fully approve of her taste.  

Post source: The List

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