“When they open the door of the house, they should know that they will be filmed”

A few days ago, a new scandal shook the Premier League. Kyle Walkerthe soccer player Manchester Citywas recorded in a drunk bar, exposing his genitals and harassing another woman, a fact that raised a great deal of dust in England and in British football.

This episode has been the topic of conversation in recent days and, as was to be expected, at the press conference prior to Manchester City’s next game at Pep Guardiola they questioned him about this shady matter. The coach responded to the question, but preferred to be cautious and pointed out that everything will be resolved internally. Of course, he threw a small dart at his footballers and hinted that they should be role models because of his popularity.

Thus, the Catalan coach tried to avoid the question: “It is a private matter and we will resolve it internally with him. This is not the place to talk about private matters. But yes, it is definitely very different from years ago. The players know it.” . In addition, he continued in his presentation: “When you open the door of the house, they have to know that they will be filmed whatever they do. That’s how society is,” he concluded.

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Guardiola did not answer any more questions about this issue from Kyle Walker, who will now be investigated for indecent exposure, according to the newspaper. the sun in England. Thus, if the English international is found guilty in this process, the consequences would range from a financial penalty to a two-year prison sentence. Of course, the police have reported that there has been no arrest so far.

The footballer is married to Annie Kilner and has four children, but in the images that came to light, he is seen committing infidelity with another woman and also showing his genitals to other companions. The events occurred on March 5, after Manchester City’s victory against newcastle.

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The 32-year-old player has a long career in English football behind him. He came out of the lower categories of the Sheffield United and in the Tottenham It’s how he grew more as a player. A tireless right-back with a long history, in 2017 he signed for Manchester City and since then he has been under the command of Pep Guardiola.

However, this scandal has dotted his figure, and after 6 years in the citizen group, his continuity may be in danger if he is finally found guilty in the judicial process.

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Walker is also one of the regulars in the calls for the English team and signed a good performance in the past Qatar World Cup 2022. The defender has 73 caps behind him with the team of the Three lionsbut now it is in a compromised situation.

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