WhatsApp tests new font picker in image editor

The drawing tool of WhatsApp for iOS started working on a font selection interface, with up to 7 options, in a style similar to Instagram

WhatsApp works on a text editor for iOS app drawing tool. Version enhances the textual editing suite to make the using experience better with new fonts and styles.

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The feature should offer more versatility for those who need to edit photos and arts before sending them to the group or posting them in Statuses. In addition to being able to draw freehand, insert stickers or crop images, you can also write whatever you want.

The user can write text and tap on the fonts to switch styles and colors (Image: Reproduction / WABetaInfo)

The user can write text and tap on the fonts to switch styles and colors (Image: Reproduction / WABetaInfo)

Photo: Canaltech

The test was discovered by the specialized site WABetaInfo, which shared the screenshots above. The editor renewal will now offer up to seven extra fonts, which can have the color changed and have a background, in a style similar to the Instagram editor.

Switching will be quick and visual: just tap the desired style to switch quickly. The font change option already existed, but the process was much more complicated than just choosing the desired letter from a menu. You can also align text left, center, or right, as well as add GIFs, emojis, and stickers.

What to expect from the text editor

More font options are likely to be added to Zap in the future, such as Calistoga, Courier Prime, Damion, Exo 2, and Morning Breeze. As it is still in development, everything can change until the completion of the works.

Such a tool had already been previewed in WhatsApp Beta for Android, but it had not arrived for iOS yet. Now, expectations are growing for the possible launch in the stable version of the messenger. There is no deadline for the optimized text editor to arrive on WhatsApp.

Recently, the messaging app started testing to edit sent messages on the iPhone. The tool can come as a more practical alternative to deleting content, without the need to delete the entire message and start over from scratch.

Version for iOS also started to make it possible to use voice recordings instead of images or videos in Status. The idea is to encourage the use of “Zap Stories” also for podcasters or who prefers to use the audio tool.

Source: WABetaInfo

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