“What Real Madrid does will not destabilize us”

Xavi Hernandez spoke to the media at the press conference prior to the match against Athletic Club. The technician of FC Barcelona assured that they are not affected by everything that happened in relation to the ‘Negreira case’ and that they are focused on their next La Liga game, where they see it as crucial to get the three points.

In addition, the coach pointed out that the club was not destabilized by what happened, since Real Madrid will appear against Barça and Negreira, and that the Vinicius either Courtois on the pitch. Meanwhile, Xavi prefers to focus on his next game, which he has described as “final”.

He also wanted to emphasize that he is in continuous contact with the president of the entity, Joan Laporta, and that he is very happy with the return of one of the most important players in the team, such as Robert Lewandowski. The Pole returns after injury and will be the great reference up front.

[El Real Madrid se personará en la causa contra el Barça y Negreira]


Athletic has results that are not in line with their game, they deserved more. It is an intense team, strong in front of its people. He has a direct game, aggressive duels. It is one of the most difficult exits we have left. It is an intense team. It will be a contested match.”

The classic

“We focus on tomorrow. It’s key to keep the 9 points. We’ll think about the Clásico. All that remains are finals.”

Lewandowski’s return

“Robert is very well, he has been with the group since Thursday. He is an example of involvement, of commitment. He always wants to play and he has changed the mentality of the team. It has been good for us that he arrived. He is a vital discharge, and more so in games so they’ll push us up top. Pedri and Dembélé depend on the sensations. They work with the recuperators. We’ll see how they feel in the next games”.

Simile with Ferguson

“I find it difficult to be the Ferguson, hopefully, here at Barça. I am grateful to the president, he tells me that he is happy with the work that all the staff do. The president is up front, he is faithful and loyal and he is appreciated. Hopefully stay here for years, but we are going to depend on the results. This is not the time to talk, there is one more year”.

Possibility of winning titles

“It’s half the league, there are six points that would not be decisive, but they are transcendental. You have to measure up and compete. Tomorrow is a football war. Aggressive team, that does not speculate. It is two weeks before the break, key”.

‘Negreira case’

“It is an issue that worries and occupies, it is a question for the president. He says that we are for football and that is what I am about. We do not talk about it. I do not think it will harm us. It is a game and we are focused on strategy. We have not We talked about nothing else. Winning or losing doesn’t depend on what happens in the stands but on the field”.

Gil Manzano, next referee

“We want to end the game with the three points and none penalized, but sometimes we have to make a tactical foul and not because of Gil Manzano. It’s part of the game. We’ll be prudent.”

Relationship with Laporta

“With the prez spoken very often, it’s early to talk about signings. We’ll try to strengthen ourselves, he says positions that need to be reinforced. We’ll see if there are others who should leave. I’m in contact with him. We’ve talked about renewal. Communication is fluid, there is friendship, harmony and good vibes. But I tell you calm down, this is going to win. We are focused on winning titles, we are at the gates, but we may not win them. Better focus on sports and not on contractual matters”.

The Real Madrid meeting

“If I have to get into the skin of the rival… I have enough with mine. This will not destabilize us, Vinicius, Courtois will… It will do what happens at a sporting level”.

team planning

“Mateu Alemany does an extraordinary job. I have found an unbeatable work group. He is a leader, a reliable person, he is up front. I couldn’t be more pleased. He and Jordi make an extraordinary team. I hope he continues for many years. But That’s what you have to ask him.”

be the spokesperson

“I’m comfortable with you. We can make a coffee. It’s my job. It’s what it takes. But I think that with a post-match it would be enough. We coaches talk too much. This press conference, in my case, would be left over”.

Real Madrid, harmed

“I don’t know if they feel harmed. You ask them tomorrow when they meet.”

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