What is the real story behind the film?

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White Powder Bear is one of the most talked about and controversial films of recent months. Directed by Elizabeth Banks, who adapted the story, some curiosities about the film make it even more interesting and increase the expectation to check out the production.

Given this, it is worth revealing that the film is based on a true story, of a passage that happened in the 80s in the United States. On the occasion, a bear ended up ingesting a high amount of drugs and became a threat to those around.

The truth is that dealer Andrew Thornton was flying over an area with 400kg of cocaine and suspected he was being followed by the police, that’s when he decided to dump the drug. A bear ended up finding what was thrown from the plane and died of an overdose because of high cocaine intake.

Jimmy Warden’s script for the film tells the true story of the crash of a drug dealer’s plane, which was loaded with a lot of cocaine and ended up being consumed by a bear weighing over 220 kg. After consuming the drug, the animal resorts to violence, with a fury driven by the use of the substance, in search of new prey and thirst for blood. The feature features an eccentric group of police, criminals, tourists and teenagers – all, somehow, on their way to or already in the territory of a Georgia forest.

Yes, bizarre, but true. In addition, the drug dealer ended up dying during the same flight, as he tried to jump out of the plane and flee, but the plan did not work out.

With a dash of humor, terror and sarcasm, Elizabeth Banks told Variety that she was interested in the story and felt sorry for the animal, which led her to want to tell the story from the bear’s point of view.

White Powder Bear premieres March 30.

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