What Are Waterless Pedicures, And Are They Better For Your Toenails?

One of the benefits of doing away with the foot soak and having a waterless pedicure is that it is less likely to spread germs and infection. Salon owner Apfel Glass tells Byrdie why she utilizes only waterless pedicures in her salons, “Water is a breeding ground for germs. Even when the water is changed out between clients [at a regular nail salon], germs still live in the bowl.”

Though salons may have strict cleaning rules, there is always a chance of contamination. Salon owner Karen Kops says, “Anytime you’re dealing with skin or other gunk in a tub, especially a tub with jets, that gunk can come right back into the water, even if you clean the heck out of the thing.” Environmentally and financially speaking, salons that don’t use water soaks save thousands of gallons of water, not to mention a lot of money. The best part is that the luxury of the pedicure doesn’t get lost.

Post source: The List

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