“We’ve All Touched Girls”

French football has not only been affected by the open investigation into achraf hakimi for an alleged rape. Ilyes Chettileft side of Angersbottom of the Ligue-1has been indicted on charges of sexual assault and will have to appear in court.

The alleged events took place in a nightclub in the town of Angers during the break for the Qatar World Cup. The French medium West-France revealed that the Algerian international must appear before the French courts in April, while his club indicate that they do not know the exact nature of the events.

Angers’ position has generated some controversy, but more comment than their coach, abdel bohazama, would have performed in front of his players after the case involving Chetti came to light. The French coach tried to justify that the accused footballer played last Sunday despite the seriousness of the acts. The player himself admits to having had contact with the woman who accuses him, but he defends his innocence regarding the charges of sexual assault.

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“Not bad, we’ve all touched girls,” Bouhazama allegedly said, as several sources present at the time of the talk would have confirmed to French media. Chetti, 28, started Angers’ 5-0 loss against Montpellier. This circumstance would have bothered him before the game in the locker room, which was surprised by his coach’s explanation.

At first, the Angers communication department tried to deny Bouhazama’s controversial statement. However, it was this one who ended up confirming its veracity trying to put his thought in context: “I also say that what the player did is not right. But I also say that we all make mistakes or stupidities. Who has not made a mistake? like Ilyes?”, he said in the gala press.

Abdel Bouhazama, directing Angers

Angers SCO

This scandal has caused an impact on the Angers fans, who have asked the club for immediate intervention to clean up their image. Specifically, the demand is to dismiss Bouhazama for his comment.

“We demand the resignation/removal of Abdel Bouhazama, immediately, without delay. We supporters are devastated by the seriousness of the words and we distance ourselves from the serious and shocking events that occurred last week. This farce must end”, they have pronounced Angers fans in networks.

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