West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 1 arrested after early-morning gunfire at Westwood Village

6:13 PM: Thanks for the tip about gunfire early this morning at Westwood Village. SPD usually publishes report summaries for confirmed gunfire incidents but hasn’t so far today, so we didn’t hear about this 5 am incident until a tip a short time ago. According to the archived police-radio audio, employees in the Westwood Starbucks store reported seeing a woman with a gun who appeared to be firing it into a car outside. Police arrived and found the car, detained two people, and reported finding shell casings. No injuries reported so far as we’re hearing – and the absence of any SFD “scenes of violence” dispatch would seem to verify that – but we’re following up with SPD and SFD about that as well as whether either or both of the detained people were subsequently arrested.

8:52 PM: SPD tells us this was apparently domestic-violence-related and one person was arrested.

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