Vítor Pereira’s breath is running out at Flamengo

I’m not going to write about Vítor Pereira’s Flamengo because I’m from São Paulo and Corinthians, nor because I’m part of the São Paulo press.

I’m going to write because Vítor Pereira’s Flamengo isn’t winning any important, decisive, big games.

He lost the Supercopa do Brasil to Palmeiras, the semifinal of the Club World Cup to Al Hilal, the Recopa Sudamericana to Independiente Del Valle, in the crowded Maracanã, and now he loses the classic to Vasco, with a great goal by Pumita Rodríguez .

Is that not reason enough to write about Flamengo? Or if I criticize Vítor Pereira’s work will it be parochialism?

Well, everyone has their own opinion about football, and mine remains the same as last year when Vítor Pereira was Corinthians coach.

I never liked his work, let alone how he relates to people. Not to mention that he is a liar, who deceived the Corinthians fans.

He, like all of us, can work wherever we want, but to change it is not necessary to lie and deceive. I don’t understand why those who still defend him omit this.

But what is discussed is the weak football that his team has been presenting. Flamengo does not have the power to react or overcome.

He lost by 1 x 0 to his rival, but with Vasco missing a penalty and still missing easy counterattack moves, which could easily increase the result.

The board was wrong to hire him as it was wrong with others too. The arrogance, arrogance and arrogance of this board makes them think they know everything about football and think they are geniuses because they got it right by bringing in Jorge Jesus, who also betrayed them.

The justification of Vítor Pereira’s defenders is to blame the players, but these same players in the hands of Dorival Jr won the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores in 2022. They are not playing well, it is true, but I do not see the players as the main culprits for the fall of yield.

Players play well if they are well prepared, if they believe what the coach says and if they feel adapted to a tactical scheme.

Do we have to make time for his work?

Clear! It’s at the beginning, but you can’t keep passing a cloth to the bad football presented along with also bad results.

Does Vítor Pereira deserve to be charged is he criticized?

Of course, what most commentators will write and talk about on sports programs are opinions very similar to mine. Whether the comments are from São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Ceará, in short, sports journalists spread across Brazil.

In football everything can change quickly, but for Flamengo it needs to change in the next game, because no Red-Black fan will endure another bad game with defeat in another classic, as will be next Wednesday (8), against Fluminense.

It’s hard to believe that from one hour to another Flamengo will be able to play a great game, win and continue this change.

A huge passionate crowd like the one in Gávea will cheer, support, scream, but, from now on, with very little patience. In that case, if there is no violence, I agree with the great Flemish mass.

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