Vinicius gives victory to Huila in his visit to Jaguares

Round victory for Atlético Huila, who won their second game in a row, left the bottom of the BetPlay League standings and continues to score important points in the relegation tableafter beating Jaguares de Córdoba 1-2 at the start of matchday eight at the Jaraguay Stadium.

The first half was intense and it was noticeable from the first minute. Only 40 seconds had passed since the central judge had given the initial whistle when the locals opened the scoring. After a great play for association from the right side, Carlos Mario Pájaro sent a precise cross into the area to assist Omar Duarte, who with a good jump won the position for his brand, to beat goalkeeper Jhon Alexander Figueroa with a powerful headbutt.

Goal options appeared in both arcs and the game was really exciting. 15 minutes later the equalizer came for Atlético Huila, who knew how to take advantage of the ball away. From the corner kick on the left sideBlas Díaz sent a cross to the near post assisting Leonardo Escorcia who combed the ball and took advantage of goalkeeper Jorge Soto’s bad start to even the score.

With just a few minutes to go before the end of the first half, the visitors managed to get on top of the scoreboard. After a bad rejection of the defense of Jaguares de Córdoba, the rebound was left to Marcus Vinicius Felicio, who lowered the ball with his chest, adjusted as he entered the area and took a cross shot.

Few things changed for the second half. The two teams went out in search of the rival goal, possession of the ball was shared and the game was played near both areas. Both Jorge Soto and Jhon Alexander Figueroa were constantly in demand.

The VAR was the protagonist as it was used on three occasions. First, due to two possible penalties in favor of Jaguares, but none were ordered. The last one for the central judge to expel Miguel Lenis for a dangerous play against a player from Atlético Huilaso Jaguares de Córdoba ended up playing with 10.

With this result, Atlético Huila reached 7 points and climbed to fifteenth place in the standings, while Jaguares de Córdoba remains in eighth place with 9 points, but runs the risk of falling out of the top positions during the day. On the next date they will face Once Caldas and Medellín, respectively.


daniel padilla (45′, Juan Castellanos), Dylan Lozano (45′, John Lerma), duvan rodriguez (70′, Brayner de Alba), jonathan lopera (70′, Faber Gil), George Saunders (76′, Leonardo Escorcia), Armando Araque (87′, Omar Duarte), Kleimar Mosquera (87′, Breiner Paz), Jose Ramirez (89′, Blas Diaz), Ronaldo Tavera (89′, Marcus Vinicius)


1-0, 0′: Omar Duarte1-1, 15′: Leonardo Escorcia1-2, 38′: marcus vinicius


Referee: Yahir Alexis Cárdenas Peralta
VAR referee: Yadir Fernando Acuña, Elkin Alexi Echavarría Colorado
Blas Diaz (26′,Yellow) John Lerma (35′,Yellow) Yosimarc Torres (44′,Yellow) Dylan Lozano (48′,Yellow) Pablo Rojas (53′,Yellow) John Figueroa (75′,Yellow) Geremias Melendez (86′,Yellow) Kleimar Mosquera (93′,Yellow) jonathan lopera (97′,Yellow)

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