Villarreal: The great ‘groguet’ centenary party

ANDhe Villarreal celebrated his centenary in style with a great party at the La Cermica Stadium. In front of nearly 20,000 fans who enjoyed such an important date from the stands of the yellow coliseum, the party was an artistic representation of the 100-year history of the club and the citywith socio-cultural winks through different theatrical, musical and audiovisual components.

The act began by showing the roots, the social context of the 20’s of the last century -moment of the foundation of CD Villarreal-, with a tribute to an icon of Vila-real like Francisco Trrega. Likewise, the ‘Ball de l’Anguilla’ continued as a leisure tradition of the time.

The renowned Vila-real theater company, Xarxa Teatre, accompanied the organization and took part in the various performances that took place on the pitch. Thus a historical journey was made through the entire history of the club, with special mention of some historical moments and with the performance of Santi Carulla, singer of the group Los Mustang who performed “the yellow submarine”, the club’s unofficial anthem for many years. Likewise, the Argentinian Alcides performed “Violeta” and the Catalan group Lax,nBusto did the same with “Tornarem”, songs that have had a special meaning for the fans of Vila Real.

The most emotional moments took place when the figure of the recently deceased José Manuel Llaneza was evokeda key figure in the entity’s history, and when the captains once again offered the Europa League title to the yellow fans

The night closed with the centenary hymn composed by Nacho Cano, accompanied by the voices of Amanda Digon and Dani Rosado, and with the music of 7 music bands from the province and more than 400 musicians who performed it live. An emotional climax to a party that yellow fans will soon forget

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