Video Shows Moment Bouncer Harrison Disarms Mass Shooter at Swift Bar in Nigeria (WATCH NOW)

Bouncer Harrison has been nicknamed the hero of the town following his heroic act. A bouncer named Harrison disarmed a man wielding an AK47 who entered the Swift Bar in Nigeria. His intent as gathered was to kill as many people as possible.

Harrison’s quick thinking and bravery prevented what could have been a devastating mass shooting.

Eyewitnesses report that the man entered the bar brandishing the weapon, he fire one long shot and finally entered the bar.

He continued firing into the people, luckily no one got shot; that is where the bouncer charged.

Harrison immediately sprung into action, disarming the attacker and saving countless lives in the process.

Harrison has been online by netizens after footage that captures the incident surfaced online.

It’s fortunate that Harrison was able to disarm the individual with the AK47 and prevent a potential mass shooting at the Swift Bar in Nigeria.

It’s important to acknowledge the bravery and quick thinking of individuals like Harrison who take action to protect others in dangerous situations.

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