UPSA Student Lashes Fellow Student “Like A Thief” For False Spreading Rumors Of Her Involvement In Sɛx for Grade (VIDEO)

A disturbing video circulating on social media has captured the moment a fellow student was brutally caning her fellow student which is alleged to be UPSA.

According to blogger on Instagram, the angry student who looked very big and chubby was disciplining her fellow student who circulated false rumors about her that she sleeps with lectures in exchange for grades.

She was seen using a cane to lash the supposed girl as no one came to her rescue. She was lashing her like she is her mother.

The “bully” was heard saying where do you know me from? As she was lashing the girl. She has been identified as Priscilla.

Bystanders were watching her as she was lashing the girl like nobody’s business.

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