United States: A young woman turns to OnlyFans to pay for her cancer treatment

The young woman was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, rare cancer that had to be treated with chemotherapy sessions.

United States: A young woman turns to OnlyFans to pay for her cancer treatment
United States: A young woman turns to OnlyFans to pay for her cancer treatment

Mya Richardson, a 21-year-old resident of the state of Michigan (United States), was diagnosed with rare cancer. A spindle cell sarcoma. The young woman had to pay for her treatment out of her pocket since American healthcare is not public.

The young woman had to resort to the OnlyFans platform to be able to afford the treatment. The young woman told the NewYorkPost that she has been able to undergo four chemotherapy sessions and 25 radiotherapy thanks to the money obtained through the OnlyFans website.

Mya thought that she would not be able to earn much money since nobody would want to see her without hair on her head, but on the contrary, the young woman assures that her subscribers love her baldness.

“I was worried how hair loss would affect me mentally as my job depends on my appearance. But men love the bald look. I got a lot of positivity when I first posted without a wig. I have cancer but still want to do this “, he assures.

The young woman had been suffering from pain on the left side of her body since she was 15, but her symptoms were consistently dismissed as “unbalanced hips.” However, when a lump appeared in her lower abdomen last year, she decided to see a specialist. A biopsy revealed a 12-centimeter mass, which was diagnosed as spindle cell sarcoma, a tumor that can develop in bone or soft tissue.

A young woman quits her job and now earns $20,000 a month showing off her hairy armpits on OnlyFans

Cherry the Mistress is a 20-year-old girl who has found a way to earn a living on the OnlyFans platform. The young woman poses on the social network with unshaven armpits and people pay for her content. This young woman used to work as a waitress and now earns up to 20 times more with this new way of working.

It has been such a sensation that it has caused him to earn $20,000 a month. Onlyfans allows users to sell their photos for as many euros as they want. It has grown in the shadow of the confinement due to the coronavirus and on the platform, in addition to celebrities, there is a sexual offer.

The young woman differs from most users as she chose to upload photos and videos showing her body hair, which is unusual. The young woman explains to ‘La Voz’ that she feels much more confident with herself: “They make me feel so sexy and confident about who I am.”

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