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The NIS registration (Social Identification Number) is necessary so that the worker can consult or withdraw the social benefits administered by Caixa, such as FGTS, unemployment insurance and salary allowance.

The NIS has 11 digits and can also be called PIS (Social Integration Program) or NIT – but it is the same registration.

How to query the NIS number?

See step by step to consult the NIS online through the Meu INSS portal:

  • • One of the simplest ways to check your NIS number online, without downloading any application, is through the Meu INSS website. Access is done through the gov.br registry, which is done with the CPF number.
  • • Afterwards, just access the My Registration page from the Menu.
  • • At the end of the page, the NIT number will appear, which is the same as the PIS.

Step by step to consult through the Citizen Portal:

  • • Access the portal cidadao.caixa.gov.br
  • • Login using your CPF
  • • Access the My NIS page – the page will bring the NIS and work card number.

How to consult the NIS in person:

The NIS can be consulted at Caixa branches, just show your identity document, free of charge.

Other ways to query the NIS:

  • • The worker can consult the number in the digital work card application – the work card number will be the CPF. The application is available for mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems.
  • • For those who have the FGTS application, it is also possible to check the number through the application.
  • • Through the Caixa Trabalhador application, it is also possible to consult the PIS number, which is the same as the NIS.

What is the difference between NIS and PIS or NIT?

The number is the same, but it is called differently by different bodies. For labor purposes, the registration is called PIS or NIT, as for registration of government social benefits, the citizen will see the number as NIS.

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