understand the division of economic rights between Santos and Ângelo

Santos received a proposal from Flamengo that revolves around 12 million euros (R$ 66 million, at current prices) for the purchase of striker Ângelo. The club from Rio intends to acquire 70% of the player’s economic rights, but the negotiation is not so simple.

Ângelo may leave Santos (Photo: Disclosure / Santos FC)

Photo: Lance!

The division of the ‘pass’ of the 18-year-old jewel is as follows: Peixe owns 70%, while Ângelo, his family and representatives own the other 30%.

Fla’s offer would be to buy 50% of the part that belongs to Santos. Thus, the club from the coast of São Paulo would keep 20% of the economic rights and could still profit from a future sale of the boy. Alvinegro sees this possibility as advantageous.


The idea of ​​Ângelo and people around him was that a transfer to Europe, in the middle of the year, would be the ideal scenario.

So, with the intention of convincing the player to move to Rio de Janeiro, Rubro-Negro intends to make a separate deal: the club will try to acquire 20% of the ‘slice’ that belongs to the athlete himself (30%), making that he receives a kind of ‘gloves’ and still keeps 10% of the economic rights. Cariocas also prepare an advantageous salary for the striker.


Therefore, Flamengo would become the owner of 70% of the player’s economic rights, as it would buy 50% of Santos and 20% of Ângelo, if the transfer materializes along these lines. The Fish would keep 20%, and the young man would keep 10%.

The proposal is ‘on the table’. Now it is necessary for the parties to the negotiations to decide and give the final verdict.

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