Two years and one day, by Xavier Bosch

Joan Laporta He went to the Círculo Ecuestre yesterday and, at a gallop, left a lot of headlines. Regarding sports, we learned that he has proposed a contract renewal to Xavi. Great news even though he did it without consulting his fellow board members who found out live. Also, that for the next summer market the idea is to sign a striker if one leaves first (the chair of Ansu starts to move), not hire any midfielder (it must be that they trust that Busquets It will continue for another year) and, yes, a right-back, not to mention that three have already been signed in two years as president: emerson royal, Hector Bellerin and Julian Araujo. At the moment, in that position he continues to play, in an indifferent way, Jules Koundé.

Economically, “we started to do well, we have saved the club”, but also “we cannot continue with the levers and we have to make a feasibility plan”. The one who intends to turn Barça into a Public Limited Company is LaLiga and CVC, who want to control Barça. The sin? Having devised the Super League and having said no to the plan thebeswho is the bad guy in the movie, which allowed him to sign Bartomeu, despite exceeding the salary limit by 300 million, and now they do not let us despite only exceeding 200 million. We do not know, however, why without the salary of Messiof griezmann and of Piquewe continue with the wage bill so shot.

Emotionally, we know that with Messi, “in Paris we exchanged glances”. It’s a step. I prefer that they have met with the player’s father to agree on the tribute model that the best of all time deserves, thrown out of Barça in a flash and through the service door. Without a doubt, the worst of these two years in office.

Institutionally, another headline: “We already have two alternatives to finance the 1,500 million of the works of the Espai Barça.” Excellent. Until the end of the month, however, they will try to improve this financing because “we do not see the interests well.” This is the mess that is coming.

But the big headline of the day, the one that the culés had been waiting for more than 15 days was about the case of payments to enriquez. The president of Barça was blunt: “Barça has never bought referees nor has it had the intention of doing so”. So why commission and pay for the reports to the Vice President of the Technical Committee of Referees for so many years? This is the answer that Laporta must save for the press conference that he announces for soon but is already late. Because yesterday, as if it were a coincidence but it is not, to celebrate the second anniversary of the victory of laportathe Prosecutor’s Office was waiting for him with a gift: the announcement that he will denounce Barça for the case negreira. They consider that Barça may be responsible for a crime of continued corruption for the payment of those almost 7 million, between 2005 and 2018.

laporta yesterday he spoke a lot but, in the end, the headline of unforeseeable consequences was dictated by the Prosecutor’s Office. Again, they mark the times. It is not victimhood. It is the usual condemnation. Barça must look to the future but they will force us to revisit the absurd embarrassments of the past.

I LIKED: Sergi Fernández, a more than deserved MVP

What do roller hockey and handball have in common? That a very high percentage of the team’s success lies in the success of its goalkeeper. And, Barça, in both sports, has the goal so well covered that it counts the games by victories. Now, in hockey, Edu Castro’s team has won the Copa del Rey for the 25th time in the club’s history. In the semifinal against Reus, Sergi Fernandez he left a clean sheet. In the final against the Liceo, they could only drill him at the end, when the team was already winning by a placid 4-0. Often the stars are the filmmakers. Having the best in the world in your ranks, as it is Pau BargalloIt helps a lot, having scorers like joao rodrigues, makes the difference, but the goal is the key. And there it is Sergi Fernandez, a real octopus. He takes them out with the stick, with the gloves and even with the helmet as he demonstrated in the final and in many other games in an action very typical of the Mallorcan goalkeeper.

It has not been an easy journey. For years, he had to watch how Aitor Egurrola, the most successful athlete in the history of the Barça club, was the fixture under the sticks. For this reason, when the most infallible Barça ever seen (26 wins and a draw so far this season) wins a title and he is named MVP, one is doubly happy. Bravo.

I DID NOT LIKE IT: Osimhen offers himself to the Premier at the worst moment

Naples makes dates that is a party. Leading Serie A, with a 15-point margin over Inter, it doesn’t seem like the ‘scudetto’ can escape them, which is something that hasn’t happened since the distant times of Maradona. Now, the local idol is the scorer Victor Osimhen, who has scored 19 of his team’s goals. On the Golden Boot list, the Nigerian striker is in second place, only surpassed by a erling haaland as stratospheric as unattainable. Behind of osimhennames established as mbappe either Harry Kane. Lewandowski, who walks ‘Pichichi’ in the League, is not even among the top 10 of the classification, for the first time in many years. Well then, osimhen He comes out at a press conference and throws a jug of water at the Neapolitan fans. He says that he is delighted to play in one of the five major leagues, such as the Italian one, but that his dream is to play and succeed in the Premier, which seems to him to be the best competition in the world. At this time, five of the six ‘Big Six’ teams are already sighing to try to sign Osimhen next summer. The City does not need it. with the duo Haaland and Julian Alvarez They already bought a lot of goal, good, nice and cheap, for many years.


1. Following Militao’s own goal against Barça, much has been said about Zunzunegui’s own goal that allowed the Catalans to win the bottle final in Chamartín. But less has been said about Spasic’s own goals at the Camp Nou and, especially, Ricardo Rocha’s in Tenerife. With Rocha it all started.

2. With how good Vinicius is and that he gets lost in protests and brawls, he has just unhinged his teammates. Even Rüdiger, which is saying.

3. Joao Cancelo does not play a game with Bayern and the brown mess in the next training. We finally understand why Guardiola opened the door for him to leave City.

4. Xavi Hernández: “Sometimes you don’t find out about the criticism, but a friend calls you and tells you that they are killing you.” Solution: change friends.

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