Twene Jonas’ Death Rumors Cause Worries Among Fans Online

It’s been two days since Ghanaian Youtuber Twene was reportedly shot dead in New York, USA, where he has been domicile for almost three years.

Twene Jonas gained notorious popularity three years back when his video on the political issues in the country caught the attention of many.

A few days back, he was alleged to have been shot dead in New York City – the disturbing news has neither been confirmed nor otherwise.

Jonas is an online personality therefore his absence has indeed grown worries among his fan base.

Fans of the Youtuber has been sharing their thought over his disappearance, with many bearing different views:


“Even if this is for attention seeking, it’s a wake-up call for all government critics to be vigilant because election year is next year and we know the history of certain governments that do not allow people to speak their minds during certain times.”


“Hey @twene_jonas, rumors say you are dead, is it true ?”


“If this is a prank by Jonas then we must boycott him when he surfaces”

twene jonas death


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