Total isolation for the sanctioned technician

Mundo Deportivo has had access to the regulatory changes of the FIFA Disciplinary Code recently approved and where among them there are several changes that affect the figure of the coach and also him player sanctioned. In the case of the coach, his performance is limited in the matches that must comply with a disciplinary sanction.

You will not be able to access these changing rooms, tunnel or technical area before and during the match. But article 66 of FIFA also makes it clear that “you may not have any contact with the people involved in the match. In particular with the players or members of your team. Both before and during the match.”

This means that the image we see in matches when the sanctioned coach or one of his assistants has a telephone conversation with the bench during the match from the box following the match will end. You will only be able to access the changing rooms and have contact at the end of the match. During the match, they will be given a place in the stands, but never near the field of play, and they will be strictly prohibited from attending the media at the conclusion of the match, both in a press conference and in any other related activity.

Another important change affects the figure of the player. Who does not remember the image of Sergio Ramos on April 12, 2018 at Real Madrid-Juventus in the Champions League semifinals? The penalty awarded to the white team in the final moments gave rise to a later brawl in the access to the changing room tunnel, where the one who tried to make peace was the former Madrid captain. The one from Camas was sanctioned that day and was already seen in the final moments of the game watching it from this area.

Then the possibility arose that he could be sanctioned, something that finally did not happen because there was no specific article in UEFA at that time in this regard, as there is in terms of coaches. But this is also going to change. First in the FIFA regulations and we will see if this extends to both UEFA and LaLiga.

Among the new disciplinary regulatory modifications that FIFA has just made, and those that MD has had, when a player is sanctioned “he will not be able to access the changing room, technical area, both before and during the match, nor occupy a place on the bench “. It will be once the match ends, with the referee’s final whistle, when he can go to the locker room with the rest of his teammates. This is included in the new article 66 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code.

During the match, as happens with the coach, a place may be set up in the stands but not next to the field of play. Nor will he be able to attend to the media at the conclusion of the meeting.

Once they have been approved by FIFA, it is normal that they will also be applied in the future in the UEFA Disciplinary Code; confederation dependent on the highest European body, and also assumed by the Spanish Football Federation itself in its Disciplinary Code.

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