Tini Stoessel surprises in ‘La Resistencia’ with a very original gift: ”This has its point”

New installment of the Movistar Plus night program par excellence, The resistance. Today David Broncano received one of the singers of the moment, Tini Stoessel. The artist went to the set to chat with the presenter and talk about her latest release.

Argentina has just released her latest studio album called, Cupid. In these weeks the artist has been involved in a series of controversies related to the singer and his former partner, Sebastián Yatra. And it is that supposedly some parts of her letters indicate that they are addressed to the Colombian.

Tini in ‘The Resistance’


It is not the first time that the singer has attended, since she visited the program two years ago, so she knows well how David Broncano’s interviews work. The artist entered the set with one of her fans above the stage with which he melted into a tender embrace. Tini declared that she is delighted to be in Spain.

The guest criticized the somersault that the presenter had just done and to demonstrate how it was done well, she herself performed an impeccable somersault. The interview began with the delivery of gifts. They remembered that the other time the gift came it was quite treacherous, a tattoo. The guest gave her an Argentina shirt with the three stars, courtesy of the soccer player Rodrigo de Paul, Tini’s partner.

Tini in 'The Resistance'

Tini in ‘The Resistance’


The next gift was something related to his latest album. The guest wanted to paint the presenter’s eyebrows pink. And so it happened, David Broncano appeared on camera with pink eyebrows. “This has its point,” said the presenter.

Broncano recalled that Tini was accused of jinx during the world past for being a partner of one of the footballers. In the end she went to the World Cup and Argentina won. David asked the artist if he knew the reason why David Bisbal did not attend the program. ”Please see that you are the most talented in the world,” declared Tini. The guest asked Broncano to go to one of her shows in Spain.

Almost finishing the live interview, Tini’s brother called her and the guest took the call. The brother asked who she was talking to and Broncano answered jokingly: “With Pedro Sánchez, the president of the government.” To close the program, the artist sang one of her most famous songs, Meat and bonethe only ballad from his latest album.

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