Tim Bliefnick pleads not guilty to murdering Becky Bliefnick

Tim Bliefnick (L) in a 2023 mugshot in Adams County, (R) during a Family Feud appearance in May 2020 (YouTube/Family Feud screengab)

A former contestant on the show Family Feud has pleaded not guilty to murdering his estranged wife. Defendant Timothy “Tim” W. Bliefnick, 39, is set for trial to begin May 22. Authorities claim he fatally shot Rebecca “Becky” Bernadette Postle Bliefnick, a 41-year-old nurse and mother of three boys, at her home on Feb. 23. Charges are two counts of murder and one count of home invasion causing injury.

“Def appears w/counsel and is advised of charges and possible penalties,” state records out of Adams County, Illinois. “Def pleads NOT Guilty. Cause set for jury on 5/22/23 at 8:30am. All motions to be heard on 4/20/23 at 8:30am.”

A status hearing is set for April 12.

“We’re looking forward to giving Timothy his day in court,” defense lawyer Casey Schnack said, according to WGEM.

A family member reportedly found Rebecca Bliefnick dead when she did not pick up her children from school.

Local reporting two weeks ago from the Muddy River News described the Bliefnicks as estranged, saying that they had been in the midst of a divorce for two years. Prosecutors said that the “heinous and premeditated act” was a “horrific crime” and not a “random act of violence” — but an “act of domestic violence.”

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