Thomas Tuchel prohibits his ex-wife from making public the reasons for her dismissal by Chelsea

You could say that Thomas Tuchel He’s in the middle of a major skirt mess. And it is that his ex-wife has interfered in his professional career for reasons that are still unknown. She wanted to make public the reasons that led to her dismissal in the Chelsea and the German coach has wanted to avoid it through a court order.

An important confrontation between the two that has generated a total stir both in Germany like in England. It is a matter of popular knowledge that Tuchel’s dismissal from the Chelseabeyond sporting reasons, was motivated by a serious confrontation between Todd Boehley and the coach himself.

The new owner of Chelsea and the old coach did not end well and that caused the breakdown of their relations. Truly surprising news since Tuchel was the coach who returned the blues to the top of Europe, guiding them to the title of Champions in a historic final in which they defeated the Manchester City of Pep Guardiola.

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After planning this season and carrying out great signings, Boehly decided to terminate the coach’s contract in September, with the entire course ahead. The confrontations that Tuchel had with part of the dressing room also motivated the new owner to carry out his wishes.

Beyond the bad sporting results achieved up to that moment, Boehly and Tuchel had other reasons to face each other. and one of them was Cristiano Ronaldo. The new owner of Chelsea wanted to sign the Portuguese at all costs in the summer, when he was determined to leave the Manchester Utd. The technician closed in band and ended up winning the game. However, there the first big rift between them opened.

Thomas Tuchel celebrates a Chelsea goal


Later, various informative reports assured that Todd even wanted to influence the coach’s lineups, something that further increased their bad relationship. The clash between the two ended with an email from the owner to the coach informing him of his goodbye and in which the real reasons for their breakup would be published. A document that the coach’s ex-wife has now tried to make public, generating a dispute that has ended in court as the German newspaper has revealed Bild.

From dismissal to trial

According to this information, the Regional Court 1 Munich hosted a trial in which Tuchel himself and his former partner were cited sissy, who was previously a working journalist. In addition, the central theme of the same was the aforementioned email that supposedly included sensitive information towards the figure of the coach.

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“Tuchel wanted to prohibit Sissi by court order from disseminating the content of an email from 2023. The former SZ journalist reportedly informed Tuchel about an alleged phone call she received from England. In the call, the alleged reasons for her sacking from Chelsea”.

Finally, Tuchel declined to appear at the trial, attended only by his ex-wife, who has not yet been able to make this information public, as the newspaper explains. Bild:”C”we know the wording of some of the allegations in the email, but we cannot publish them for legal reasons”. A matter that has not yet been resolved and that could have a queue.

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Thomas Tuchel is currently without a team, although his name has already sounded to reinforce several greats in Europe, curiously through which he has already passed. And it is that after the bad course that Chelsea has taken under the baton of Graham Potterin Stamford Bridge his return has already been requested. Something that has also happened in the Princes Park where Galtier does not convince the fans psg. With less foundation, but more noise, they have also tried to place German in the Santiago Bernabeu replacing Carlo Ancelotti. Another option for him is also the selection of Brazildecapitated after the departure of tite.

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