This is how they offered him to fix a Girona match for 50,000 euros

Soccer has been shaken lately by many controversies that have little to do with what happens on the pitch. They are shady matters that could well be considered as the sewers of national football. From the investigations into Barça and the Technical Committee of Referees for their connection to the ‘Negreira Case’ to the shadow that always arises every season finale in relation to match fixing.

Aday Benítez, a former Spanish soccer player who spent a good part of his career in clubs as important as Girona or Tenerife, has spoken a lot about this situation. The footballer has gone through the ‘Bar de Sique’ program where he has related how they work in the sewers of Spanish football.

The man from Sentmenat began his presentation warning that everyone should recognize the existence of these practices, since there is no point in hiding them, especially if one wants to fight against this type of scourge: “In football there have been briefcases and there have been bonuses behind “. A public confession that he can make in the first person since he has seen bribery attempts pass before him.

The crudest, as he himself has revealed, he experienced as a Girona player in a season in which the Catalan team achieved promotion. Before the end of that season, the Catalan footballer received a forceful offer. Many thousands of euros for losing a game in a key season for them.

“I have never accepted it, but they have offered it to me. Even for letting me lose. To me and many more.” Aday Benítez warns and delves into her dark anecdote: “They offered me about 50,000 euros.” In this case, it was for letting himself lose a game.

However, Aday explains that they did not accept for an obvious reason and that was not to add a blur, as it would have been to be involved in a fixing scandal, in a course in which the objective of going up to the First Division was fulfilled: “It was absurd to accept because that year we were promoted to the First Division. We had one league game left and I wasn’t going to stain the entire season for one game”.

Aday went further and explained how this type of trick is managed: “They always contact a player and he liaises with those closest to him in the dressing room. They really only have to catch three or so, but they have to touch more. Although after you have bought a goalkeeper, a center back and a striker you have it half done”.

Benítez continued to recount his experiences and, in addition to recounting how that attempt to fix came about when he was at Girona, he also spoke about a strange experience he had while at Tenerife: “Then I have also experienced situations at clubs like Tenerife that I cannot corroborate. because he was not among the players who played”.

“It was a league match, we had no chance of entering the playoffs and Sporting de Gijón did. We were going to play the players who hadn’t had minutes lately and in the end those who always did played. We lost 3-1 with goals that …”.

Aday Benítez stops there because she points out that it is something that she cannot logically demonstrate, but that has always caught her attention. That is why he now decides to tell it: “I will never be able to corroborate this because I was not there, but it seemed very strange to me. The coach changed the lineup the day before.”

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