This is Álvaro Berro, son of the legendary presenter David Cantero who also triumphs on television

David Quintero (62 years old) is one of the best-known television journalists in our country. After so many years at the head of the Telecinco news, his voice and his face have accompanied countless meals for thousands of families throughout the country.

The communicator shares space with the journalist Isabel Jiménez, with whom he reports every day on the most notable events in Spanish society. The complicity of both has ensured a loyal audience that attends the Telecinco newscast every day.

But he is not the only one in his family who is dedicated to communication. His son, Álvaro Berro, has become one of the most sought after Telecinco reporters. A lover of sports, animals and social networks, Álvaro has a great journalistic career ahead of him.

Berro was born as a result of the presenter’s first marriage and currently boasts of having a great relationship with his father on social networks, since they share a profession and many hobbies. The son has uploaded a video to Instagram where the two accomplices have been seen having a gastronomic evening organized by a well-known whiskey brand.

Despite how discreet and reserved Quintero has always been regarding his personal life, the Telecinco journalist is very happy to work in the same team as his son Álvaro, and there have even been several occasions in which he has given way. live.

The young man uploaded the video of the moment in which his father gave him way on the news and he answered with a “yes, David” before beginning to tell the news for which they had contacted him from the set.

Very popular on networks

Viewers have echoed the news that Berro and Quintero share a profession and have shown their support and affection in several of the Instagram posts in which they appear together.

Álvaro Berro has more than 10,000 followers on his official Instagram profile, where he is a very active person who shares all kinds of content, from professional moments to more personal ones.

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