Thief Who Broke Into Neighbor’s Room Forced To Demonstrate How He Did It (VIDEO)

A young man suspected to be a thief who broke into his neighbor’s room was caught and made to demonstrate how he carried out the act in a viral video that has just surfaced.

The incident, which occurred in an undisclosed location, shows the thief being questioned by a group of individuals who caught him in the act.

Young man suspected thief

He was forced to break into a wired compound to demonstrate how he managed to do it.

In the video, the thief is seen demonstrating how he was able to break into the room.

The video has sparked reactions from viewers, with many condemning the thief’s actions while applauding the ingenuity of the individuals who caught him.

Some reactions:

They shouldn’t beat him, it hunger and lack of parental care…. Please spare him, feed him and raise him…. It isn’t his fault…. Hmmmmm… 😢😢😢😢

I’m sad 😔 ooh ,as a mother 😢

Olevua se3n 😂😂😂

He sounded like my French teacher from p.5 😂😂😂

“This is serious ohhhhh”

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