“They treated me like a piece of shit”

Radja Nainggolan He has always shown himself as a wayward player. He has never been afraid to speak loud and clear about the situation he has experienced in the world of football and has not even bothered to hide his vices, which curiously clash with practicing at the highest level as an athlete.

In his latest statements, Nainggolan has once again been clear and concise. He has not kept anything and has made it very clear how he feels. After returning from his tour of Belgium and enroll in the SPALsince he decided to return to Italy to be closer to his daughters, the midfielder has left some controversial words where he has reviewed his last years.

“In Antwerp they treated me like a parasite, like I was a piece of shit. They took Overmars as sports director to try to get me back into the main team, but nobody dared to go against the president,” said the midfielder after being sacked at the Royal Antwerp.

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“I did the best I could in the B team, I supported the youngest… I have been in many clubs and they have never treated me like this, I couldn’t even enter the main door of the training center,” said the former player of Inter de Milan either Rome. about the problems that made him feel left out in his experience in Belgium.

With the excuse prepared to leave Royal Antwerp, Nainggolan decided to gamble on his return to his Italy. There he could barely see his daughters and decided to try his luck with SPAL. In the transalpine group, she has recognized that it is not the place where he earns the most, but that she is happy and close to his family.

“My daughters were the main reason I came back to Belgium. Otherwise I could only be with them on vacation and I wanted to stay in Antwerp. Even losing a lot of money, as was the case, but that was not a problem. But the The president even forced me to leave the country and I will never forgive him. In SPAL I play in exchange for ‘peanuts’ but with pleasure, I enjoy…”, he stressed.

One of Nainggolan’s most notorious scandals at the Royal Antwerp were his controversial images smoking on the bench. The midfielder tried to hide while he was using the electronic cigarette, but the images collected by the cameras captured that moment.

criticism received

Precisely, the words of Radja Nainggolan come days after the player received some surprising statements from Walter Sabatini. The one who was a manager of clubs such as Inter Milan or Rome was impassive with the figure of the footballer and charged against him, although later he revealed the more human side of him.

“I’m fond of all the players I’ve brought to Roma, the one who annoyed me the most is Nainggolan, whom I love like a son, but he’s a criminal, he’s someone who if you put 7 or 8 drinks in front of him, he drinks them all. For him life is a game, but he has good feelings,” he said in a Twitch direct from the Gazzetta dello Sport.

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