They reveal the identity of the passenger who was traveling without authorization in the DGT helicopter

days after the accident DGT helicopter in Robledo de Chavela (Madrid)The authorities continue to investigate the case. In addition to the controversy generated around the state in which the driver of the vehicle was before the accident, the DGT reported that another offense was committed. Apparently one third person He was traveling in the helicopter without authorization.

In initial reports, the police reported that two people had been injured: the pilot and the flight operator. However, this Thursday, March 9, it was confirmed that three people were traveling in the helicopter. As he has been able to confirm Europe Pressthis third person was precisely the flight operator woman. The DGT will continue to investigate the case to find out why three people traveled on a flight scheduled for only two.

The case continues to give of itself

This offense is added to the irregularity committed by the helicopter pilot, who was detained by the Civil Guard after giving positive for cocaine and methamphetamine. The 60-year-old man tried escape to evade drug control. However, the Civil Guard discovered her location and carried out the test.

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The pilot went to court, and last Tuesday he was in provisional release.

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