There are premieres like this

A premiere to forget! Estoril Praia, for the first time with Ricardo Soares as a coach, was clearly defeated (0-3) by Vizela, in a game where everything went wrong for the Canarinha team.

A ridiculous goal to open and an own goal to follow paved the way for the Vizel team to add the three points and gain even more tranquility in the fight for permanence, which, day after day, is also starting to belong to this Estoril. Ricardo Soares really has a lot of work ahead of him.

the smile was short-lived
When there is a new job or a new stage in our lives, we imagine what the first day will be like. The most positive thing about a successful debut and making friends right at the first lunch hour, the most negative thing is that everything is going to go wrong, and even dreaming about that first day, usually forgetting an important piece of clothing, like pants, for example.

When stepping on António Coimbra da Mota’s lawn for the first time as coach of Estoril, Ricardo Soares seemed to be part of the first batch. Usually serious (as he appears in the photo of this chronicle), the new coach showed his smile to his supporters. The goal was to make friends right then and there. On the stands at Amoreira, you could feel a renewed atmosphere. But that environment soon disappeared.

If Ricardo Soares imagined a memorable debut for the best reasons, expectations were defrauded in the initial stage. His new team started badly and gave too much space to a Vizela who entered the field much looser. Samu could have scored the first goal for Ricardo Soares’ team, but the new coach had saved an even darker start: a ridiculous goal (see here ) because anything can go wrong.

The goal had even come at a time when Estoril had sketched the first attack with feet and head, just missing João Carvalho’s finish for Tiago Santos’s pass, except that moment when Pedro Álvaro misses the pass and Mexer takes the ball in the face definitely marked the match.

Ricardo Soares showed up at António Coimbra da Mota fully dressed, but he certainly wouldn’t have minded forgetting a pair of socks, in case that meant a first day as smiling as his entrance. Joãozinho’s own goal was worse than losing his pants. At half-time, Estoril had a two-goal disadvantage, in a game in which Vizela had not attacked much, and morale was deep down.

There are more days ahead: Ricardo Soares’ debut made us write more about Estoril than about Vizela, but Tulipa’s team deserved the advantage they had achieved. The volume was much lower than the opponent’s, as we have already said here, but the predictable crosses by the Canarinha team were an easy solution for the Vizel team, even after Bruno Wilson left due to injury. After the first break, the new coach has already returned without the smile with which he had entered the first time. Restless on the bench during the first half, he changed his stance for the second. As thoughtful as resigned, especially when he realized that the team was lacking ideas that he himself had not yet had time to explain.

The Vizela team took advantage of the moment to freeze the match and unnerve the Estoril players, visibly affected by the incidents of the match. Cassiano, formerly of Vizela, heading straight for Buntic was the best Estoril managed to do in the second half. Little for someone who had to make a good impression on their first day on the job. Before the time of departure, Ricardo Soares still saw Vizela find a motorway that led to the 0-3, by Tomás Silva, who had just entered the match. After a game like this, it won’t be easy to keep a positive mindset for the difficult games to come, not least because the teams below in the table will still play in this round.

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