The transphobic deputy needs to have his mandate quickly revoked – 08/03/2023

On this March 8th, Bolsonarist deputy Nikolas Ferreira went to the tribune of the Chamber of Deputies – and of the female deputies – and, dressed in a wig, delivered an official speech with a high transphobic content.

Allied with causes that aim to expand the private field of privileges and shrink the public field of rights, sympathetic to keeping oppression and repression of minority political groups alive, the deputy does not serve a minimally decent and dignified Brazil.

Ah, but he was democratically elected, you might say.

True. Just like Dilma.

In the case of the former president, a reason was invented to get her out of there.

Last year, the TCU extinguished the pedaling action against Dilma, but the tragedy was sealed and Jair Bolsonaro and Paulo Guedes had already destroyed a lot of things around here.

In the case of the deputy linked to the extreme right, the crime on March 8 is recorded on video. Word by word.

Termination and end.

There is nothing to argue about, there shouldn’t even be long debates.

He said what he said on March 8, the international day of women’s struggle for dignity and emancipation.

And there is no feminist struggle worth anything without the participation of trans women.

Remembering, as Congresswoman Tabata Amaral said following the deputy’s transphobic demonstration, that we are the country that kills the most LGBTQs in the world.

And we are also the country that consumes the most LGBTQ pornography in the world.

We are a country plunged into a psychic crisis.

Transphobia does not kill desire, congressman.

Transphobia kills people.

To deal with desires, the recommended is the couch.

For much less, former deputy Jean Wyllys was punished and had to resign.

Let’s remember: Wyllys spat at Bolsonaro after the then deputy voted in favor of Dilma’s impeachment honoring a torturer.

A man of clear fascist tendencies voted in favor of a coup celebrating a terrorist and the punishment was given to the one who revolted with the horror of the scene.

Wyllys started to receive death threats and had to resign from leaving Brazil.

Bolsonaro should have left the impeachment vote in handcuffs. He didn’t go out and get elected president with the support, you see, of the sacred market.

At that time we were called exaggerated for pointing out the fascist aspect that involved the whole circus.

Now, again, it would be necessary to say that the impeachment of the deputy is necessary so that a decent Brazil can emerge and so that we no longer run the risk of handing over power to the Nazi-fascism that structures the extreme right in Brazil and in the world.

There is no feminism without trans women, just as there is no feminism without the anti-racist struggle or the call for the climate emergency.

Feminism includes transvestites, trans people, lesbians, bisexuals, gays, asexuals and whoever wants to reach out.

Feminism is anti-racist, anti-colonial and eco-socialist.

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