The Thousand Faces of Dunjia-2017 Film Explained  

The Thousand Faces of Dunjia-2017 Film Explained  The Thousand Faces of Dunjia (2017) Thriller film defined. The Chinese Horror Thriller film “a thousand Faces of Dunjia” a.k.a Miracle Fighters tale summarized with a complete finishing explanation. The plot is set by a few historic evil creatures who’re very effective and might spoil our global very easily. On the opposite hand, a boy who has simply been recruited withinside the police intends to stand this kind of monster. He searches for a mystery society that hunts very vintage evil creatures with the assist in their supernatural abilities. He additionally turns into part of it in which he masters the conflict method through combining sorcery and alchemy. Now this kind of misfit Martial Fighters conflicts in opposition to the ones mysterious evil powers with the assist in their magic and martial arts skills. It way that now it’s far the conflict of exact as opposed to evil. These are the handiest few individuals who can store Mankind from finishing. In the thousand faces of the Dunjia tale, we see many monsters like a pink large fish that can stroll on land and has big teeth, that are determined for people to eat. Apart from this, people face monsters like Red Eye and White Tiger. This healthy is among people VS monsters. Boy groups ought to now store the local community from demons, they are able to damage people at any time. But the truth of this delusion story becomes something else in step with warriors. Dunjia way a few very effective energies which ought to be saved in a mystery place.

The Thousand Faces of Dunjia-2017 Trailer

The Thousand Faces of Dunjia-2017 Movie Full Explanation

A fish with three eyes and huge teeth.
The one who comes to the ground and tries to eat all the people
On the other side, a boy is seen fighting with the giant dangerous monsters.
But how did all this happen? Hear it from the explainer.
The movie I will explain today Its name is ”Thousand Faces of Dunjia”.
Dunjia, some energies were locked in a device a few years ago.
Because if those energies were beneficial then obviously are harmful as well.
Many tribes, many soldiers, and even many demons try to get it.
A tribe was protecting them for centuries.
At the main starting of the movie, we see a constable.
He is newly hired it means today is the first day of his duty.
He was teased a lot.
His seniors made some sketches and ask him to search for them.
Even there none exists of these faces.
It means they have made those sketches themselves.
Here the scene cuts
We see a forest and a huge Asteroid falls there.
In fact, it wasn’t an Asteroid but it was the arrival of some Aliens.
They come on the land to get those energies means Dunjia.
On another side, we see the constable
who was searching for the people who don’t exist.
He goes to a town and shows the sketches to a lady and asks her
”Miss have you seen them anywhere”?
She says they must be here, search them.
Meanwhile, the constable sees a giant man.
He has a pot in his hand and there was his fish in it.
The man goes to a hotel and books a room.
Because he was there to live.
But the hotel owner doesn’t allow him to take his fish pod inside.
The man starts fighting with him.
How is this rule? I am taking the place in rent from you
and the thing that belongs to me will come with me.
The Hotel Owner ignores him.
The Giant man comes in anger and they start arguing.
While seeing, the fish becomes bigger and comes out of that man’s pot.
It attacks the staff of the hotel.
It attacks them with a tail and it spreads destruction.
The constable also takes out his sword to stop the fish,
but he couldn’t control it.
Now the lady comes there and she puts the table on the fish
she stands on it.
But the fish was still not in control.
The lady starts pulling the tongue of the fish.
But the fish runs from there from the roofs.
The constable follows it.
The fish has also broken the roofs.
Now the lady who comes here does the magic.
She calls some birds and they make the people and
the hotel staff forgets this incident.
With it, she also turns in cloth through magic.
She was also behind the fish.
Now the constable and the lady while following the fish reach a place.
When they go inside it the constable sees the face of the lady is changing.
Sometimes she looks like a man and sometimes a creepy creature.
In the end, when the lady comes in her real face she was a young and beautiful girl.
Her name was Dragonfly.
Metal Dragonfly, will be the lead character of this movie.
She was one of them who protects Dunjia and this land.
They again start searching for the fish when they go inside they see a girl.
Dragonfly asks her while beating her ”Tell me where is the fish?”
The girl jumps outside the window.
As they move to hold her they come to know she is not a young girl but a man.
He was wearing makeup.
The makeup that none can recognize him.
There was a cloth wrapped around his neck.
Dragonfly asks him in anger ”Tell me where is the fish?”
She says it is in the picture inside.
Dragonfly goes inside and the fish was hiding in the pictures.
As she told them.
Dragonfly takes it out and she imprisons the fish in a net.
As she was moving from there, she sees one more painting.
Does she ask the man in a girl’s getup for whom this painting is?
He tells her someone is coming here to pick this painting.
It is a valuable and important painting.
None but the fish itself will give the painting.
Dragonfly says to it now give this painting to me.
But the Constable says not like this,
now this is a police case and I have to investigate it.
Dragonfly says okay,
and with it, she does magic on him and he forgets this incident.
From here, Dragonfly comes into an old temple with the fish.
There was an old man.
He was the master of Dragonfly
and also the protector of energies, Dunjia.
The old man tells Dragonfly this fish is a trap sent by those people
who want to get this energy.
They have sent this fish to know that where are those energies?
Now the fish is here and they also know it. Soon they will come to attack here.
The master says to Dragonfly ”our group members are not enough to fight with them”
With the people who want the energies.
So, I am going to invite the other soldiers.
Till then transfer the important weapons and things somewhere else.
Now Dragonfly does the same with the others.
When Dragonfly was moving with her two companions
there was Earthquake on the way.
They go to a place where there is a movement.
Going there, Dragonfly sees there is a huge ball that is tied with a chain.
She comes to know a creature is imprisoned in it
who came to steal the energies.
The creatures who will attack now just because to save this creature.
The constable also reaches the place, he seems responsible.
With it, we see some strange creature here.
Its eyes were red.
Its name is Redeye.
At the start of the movie, we saw an asteroid falling this Alien was inside it.
This Redeye creature attracts the sphere towards it.
After it, there were cracks on it and it opens.
There was a huge blast.
Then one more creepy creature comes out of it.
The name of this creature was White Tiger and it was more powerful than Tiger.
Dragonfly, her two companions, and the constable move toward it to hold it,
but it shakes its wings they all fall at a far distance.
The creature again comes to them while flying.
It picks up the companions of Dragonfly and hits them.
Now the White Tiger lifts Dragonfly up.
It was about to finish her.
Meanwhile, the constable comes there
and he hits his sword on its grip and releases Dragonfly.
Because of it, the White Tiger comes in anger.
It holds the leg and arm of Constable with its heated hands.
Due to it, it gets separated from his body and he was feeling pain.
Dragonfly immediately takes him with her while dragging him.
Meanwhile, their other companions were also there being released.
Dragonfly flies with Constable.
But don’t know these creatures were made of what?
They want to injure them at any cost.
After it, Red eye and White Tiger leave from there.
Dragonfly also comes to a secret place with her companions.
All were worried there.
That the dragons are free and came on earth,
the creatures who want to get the energies.
We have to become hard to resist them.
Now because their leader was outside to search for the weapons
or to contact the other soldiers.
Dragonfly says we need one more leader for this time.
Her brother goes to search for the leader.
He meets a girl.
There was a mark of a circle on her hand.
This is the mark of the people who are powerful
and can lead any group.
No Dragonfly’s brother brings the girl here.
But the girl was Childish and cute as well.
Does Dragonfly say to her brother whom you brought here?
She is behaving like a child.
How will she lead us?
Her brother shows the circle present on the girl’s hand.
He says to her look she can lead us, ignore her childish behavior.
She is strong.
I have seen when she comes in anger she turns into a peacock monster.
Dragonfly says at first we have to ask from our master.
That will she be suitable as our leader or not?
They communicate with him through telepathy.
Their master sends them a message through a female octopus creature
that I am in another city.
Soon I will get the evil energy.
So the Redeye monster or the White Tiger will not get it to use it wrong.
And the leader you are talking about who has a circle mark on her hand,
She is your new leader.
You all come to this city with her the city in which I am.
Now they all get ready but the mood of Dragonfly was still off.
Because she doesn’t like her new leader.
Because of her childish and nonserious behavior.
With it, she was also worried for the constable
and fake feet and hands were adjust on him.
They move on their journey.
On the way, when they stay at a cave for taking rest.
They all talking to each other about what Dragonfly is thinking.
A girl who is not mature how can she lead us?
The girl was listening to them silently.
Then she comes in anger.
She turns into the peacock monster.
She puts her claw on a man there.
She was about to kill him
meanwhile, the brother of Dragonfly says no problem you have to be patient.
He hugs her.
It means he is the only man in the group who was supporting this leader.
Dragonfly doesn’t like this.
On another side, we see Master in the city
he was with the soldiers and they open a box
for the leaders while using their powers to make an arc weapon there.
Soon Red eye and White Tiger arrive there.
They take that arc weapon.
Both dragons make many magical waves.
They try to take the master in them.
But to defend himself the master makes an umbrella-like shield.
Now when the Red Eye and White Tiger have the Arc weapon
Their next target was to kill the new leader of the tribe.
It means the girl who has a circle mark on her hand
They send some people there for this purpose where the girl was.
There we see them while residing in a hotel.
The constable also starts trusting the girl.
The girl likes this.
She brings the hands and feet of the constable back with her magic.
After it, the constable thanks her a lot.
Meanwhile, the people come there who were sent by the monsters.
They were throwing some rings towards them
but the constable throws them back.
Then a mysterious man comes there.
His face resembles their master.
He takes Dragonfly, her brother, and the girl who was their new leader somewhere.
He says to Dragonfly I have rescued you.
I come here to tell you the new leader is not good for you.
You have to kill her.
But how couldn’t Dragonfly know that he is not their master?
She also tells her brother he is a stranger.
He is just resembling our master we will not get trapped in what he says.
Dragonfly’s brother was about to kill him with his sword.
But he takes out some waves from his body.
Due to it, he falls at a distance, and then their real master comes there.
He tells Dragonfly in slang language to go from here immediately with the new leader.
As they were leaving from there one more man comes here.
He has the power to control the water.
He attacks them with water.
Their new leader falls down
and after it, the man makes a circle around Dragonfly and her brother.
They were feeling pain from it.
Their energy was draining.
They were about to die.
Meanwhile, their new leader starts shaking the stick near her
then it throws the stick towards the chest of the man.
It stabs in the chest of the man and his water magic stops.
Doing this, Dragonfly and her brother were saved in the nick of the time.
Dragonfly was faint and the brother of Dragonfly sees the girl
her color was changed and her body was getting cold.
As she touches her he sees a vision.
In which he sees his first emperor and he tells him ”Many years ago
when the monsters come into this world we use Dunjia’s power while fighting them”
But during this, our Arc weapon was stolen.
We have seen some time ago that dragons have taken this Arc weapon again.
Now in the vision of Dragonfly’s brother the emperor was also saying this
that all the powers of the weapon are in this girl.
The girl who is your new leader and it will be good for you.
That she will stay your leader forever because none have the energies she has.
Listening to it, Dragonfly’s brother becomes sad.
Because the girl was in his lap and her color has changed.
Like she is also near to die. Soon he notices that the body of the girl loosened up.
It means her soul moves from her.
Here the girl dies.
Due to it, the brother of Dragonfly weeps a lot and other members also come there
the master also comes.
While including the constable in their team he says
that now we have to fight with Red eye monster and White Tiger.
They both are dragons.
Now they move to them and they use their energies to fight with them.
The power that constable had he was throwing waves from his hand.
With its help he makes White Tiger fell down.
Dragonfly was fighting with the Red Eye dragon.
They were in the sky and fight with each other.
Red Eye dragon was injuring her with its tentacles.
Dragonfly resists it.
She kicks and punches it.
With it, she was also trying to stop it with her waves.
Meanwhile, the White Tiger gives some energies to Red Eye Dragon.
In the form of small balls.
It throws energy towards the group.
Those balls blast and the fire comes out of them.
But here instantly the time stops.
They were saved from the attack.
Then we see a Peacock Monster that was the girl who is their new leader.
She comes and throws those fireballs back at them.
Now Peacock Dragon comes in front of the Red Eye dragon
so the Red eye Dragon tries to prepare one more attack and soon generates it.
It again throws the fireballs towards her.
Then White Tiger comes there.
It comes there to attack the Peacock Monster.
But at the same time, the peacock Monster moves away from between.
Those fireballs hit the White Tiger and there is a huge blast.
In which, White Dragon dies but the Red Eye Dragon also gets injured.
Their new leader goes into the sky immediately
and she throws down the Red Eye dragon while whirling it.
Due to it, the group gets impressed by her.
They accept her as their new leader.
Now they come to know the White tiger came from under the earth
and Red eye dragon came from the sky.
They come here to free their leader.
Now they plan to finish the monster leader.
So no creature will come again.
In the ending scene of the movie,
we see Dragonfly’s brother and their new leader like each other.
On another side, the constable and Dragonfly also like each other.
With it, this movie ends.


The Thousand Faces of Dunjia-2017 Film Details

Chinese 奇門遁甲
Directed by Yuen Woo-ping
Screenplay by Tsui Hark
Produced by Nansun Shi
Wei Junzi
Huang Yonghui
Starring Da Peng
Ni Ni
Aarif Lee
Zhou Dongyu
Wu Bai
Le Vision Pictures
Acme Image
Beijing Jinhui Yinghua Entertainment
Star Century Picture
Distributed by Aeon Pix Studios ( Russia )
Release date
  • December 15, 2017
Country China
Language Mandarin


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