The subsidiary knocks down the leader and dreams of permanence

The Sevilla FC subsidiary faced the leader of their group in the match corresponding to matchday 24 of the fourth group of the Second Federation. Sevilla Atlético tried to surprise Antequera CF after beating the Cádiz CF subsidiary last day. After a match without many clear chances, the Nervionenses managed to take victory in the leader’s field.

First part without many occasions

The meeting started with a few first minutes of probing between Sevilla Atlético and Antequera CF. The locals came closer during these moments of the game but without intimidating the rear of the Sevilla FC subsidiary. After these first moments of the game, the visitors began to have the ball from minute 13. Already in the Ecuador of the first half it was the leader who he stepped on the Sevilla area againalthough they did not pose many problems for Alberto Flores. lanzini He was one of the most active during the game, getting into the Nervionense area very easily. In fact, in the minute 21 he finished off with a dangerous headerdespite the fact that the ball went wide.

He Seville Athletic it was found passive during the first part leaving Antequera CF to have control of the game. In it minute 36 achievement approach for the first time but without too much danger for the locals. In the last moments of the game, Alberto Flores had to go back to catch two shots from the Malaga forward to avoid the first of the locals. However, the last chance of the first half was for the Sevilla FC subsidiary after a free-kick. However, Isaac did not know how to take advantage of the opportunity, thus ending the first 45 minutes.

The Sevilla FC subsidiary had a hit in the second half

The second part began in the same vein as the first. Both teams tried to have the ball but neither completely dominated the ball. Antequera CF tried to attack behind Sevilla Atlético through the wings, with the refusal of the Sevilla FC subsidiary. After a few minutes with the ball in no man’s land, the locals advanced lines and the visiting defense had to make an effort to repel the ball. The people from Seville tried to come out but, on many occasions, the rojiblancos forwards found themselves offside.

The exit attempts of the Nervionenses had their effect on the minute 74. Isaac Romero scored the first of the game a pass from Carlos Álvarez. After the first goal, the rain pressed down and so did Antequera CF. The people from Malaga approached the Sevilla Atlético area, although Alberto Flores was very attentive to catch all the balls. However, the visitors they scored again by the hand of Xavi Sintes in the 84th minute after failure of the local goalkeeper. From this moment on, the Sevilla FC subsidiary knew how to hold the score well and the leader has not been able to enjoy opportunities since then. After a discount in which, hardly, football was played, Antonio Hidalgo’s men took their second consecutive victory.

The goals of the match

0-1 (Minute 74): After good control by Carlos Álvarez, he gave a pass to Isaac Romero to leave him alone before the Antequera goalkeeper. The striker took advantage of the opportunity and put the Sevilla FC subsidiary ahead.

0-2 (Minute 84): After a mistake by the Antequera CF goalkeeper, the ball fell to the feet of Xavi Sintes, who did not miss the opportunity to score the second for Sevilla Atlético.

Second win in a row

Sevilla Atlético achieved victory against Antequera CF after a match in which there was no clear dominance but in which the Sevilla FC subsidiary was more effective than the locals. Antonio Hidalgo’s men will face the next game, against El Ejido, as a final and with high spirits after two consecutive victories.

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