The subsidiary goes wild and adds 9 of 9

Sevilla Atlético and Polideportivo El Ejido met forces on the twenty-fifth day of the Second Federation. After the breath of fresh air that was the feat in Antequera, the Sevilla FC subsidiary tried to keep the goal of salvation alive and once again generate good news at Jesús Navas. On the other hand, the visiting team sought to get away from a relegation zone with which they have lived very close for a long time. After a hopeful first half for Antonio Hidalgo’s men, they dunked after the break and made it clear that this team is very much alive and ready to achieve the goal.

First very serious act of Sevilla Atlético

The clash began and the good news surfaced in Sevilla FC code. Capi made the first of the afternoon after a good twisted play by Sevilla Atlético. However, the El Ejido Sports Center did not shrink and after a few minutes it showed that it had not resigned from the party soon. Alberto Flores had to make it big in a header left behind by Neto. Even so, the sevillistas demonstrated with their beginning the importance of the stake and the confidence with which they arrived at it, so much so that the second blow was about to arrive, first by Valentino, who scored offside. Immediately after, Isaac nearly nailed a great free-kick.

The locals squandered good football and hand in hand with their people, completed a sublime start. As the clock progressed in the first act, the duel put aside the round trips and, although the visiting team took control of the ball, Sevilla Atlético became strong at the back and hardly conceded to their rival. The teams headed towards the changing rooms and the Sevilla FC subsidiary went to halftime with the score in their favor and having left a very good image.

The Sevilla FC branch loses its hair and crowns a great match

The second half began and Sevilla Atlético once again had an overwhelming start, to the point that the Sevilla FC “B” team almost generated big news in the form of a goal. In a matter of ten minutes, opportunities cascaded from the local side. First Capi, about to score the second in a shot that went high. Subsequently, both Isaac and Carlos Álvarez forced Godino to intervene in a saving way. Unlike the closing of the first half, Antonio Hidalgo’s men managed to control the ball and the good work on pressing and stealing made PVO El Ejido seem like they had never left the locker room.

With this scenario, the second goal was a matter of time and Isaac, in front of the goalkeeper, did not forgive. David Cabello’s team seemed to be completely KO before the good local work. However, in a season in which luck is not on Sevilla Atlético’s side, this clash was not going to be less. The visiting team closed the gap in an unfortunate play for the locals. Bad news for the second team of Sevilla FC. Despite this, the locals continued to be insistent on their game and just ten minutes after the setback, Xavi Sintes sentenced the visitors.

The goals of Sevilla Atlético and PVO El Ejido

1-0, minute 5: After a good combination between Manu Bueno and Pablo Pérez, the left-back left behind for the arrival of Capi, who got the goal after tapping his shot off a defender.

2-0, minute 58: Carlos Álvarez took advantage of a bad transfer back and led towards the goal to, later, yield to Isaac who crossed the ball before Godino.

2-1, minute 68: Caio did not forgive in an unfortunate play in which Alberto’s rebound (on a rebound from Hormigo) caused the ball to fall free.

3-1, minute 77: Xavi Sintes heads in a corner kick to Capi’s far post.

There is a world ahead for the Sevilla FC subsidiary

The reality of Sevilla Atlético has completely changed in a matter of weeks. After a long time without winning, the Sevilla FC subsidiary has chained three games in a row generating good news in the form of victory. After a great performance against PVO El Ejido, Antonio Hidalgo’s men are only two points away from safety. Don’t leave this team for dead. The next day it will be time to visit Granada in a very difficult clash. The sevillistas will face it full of confidence and football. With this image, the Sevillian cast is fully engaged in the fight to maintain the category.

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