The students from the Badalona center saw the video of the rape of the 11-year-old girl and said nothing

He video of the alleged group rape of an 11-year-old girl that took place in November 2022 in Badalona circulated among the students of the center and dozens of minors saw it without anyone officially communicating anything. After the victim’s brother, also a classmate of his at school, raised the alarm that this was happening, the individualized tutorials with the other students have revealed that a good part of them were aware of the case.

The 14-year-old brother of the youngest received the news that said video was circulating: “There are some guys who arestand bursting To your sister“, his classmates tell him “literally”. He asked the girl and she told her that the images were from a month ago, when she was the victim of a sexual assault carried out by several boys who they pointed a knife at her in the bathrooms of a shopping centershe explained. The family filed a complaint for sexual assault in December last year.

Many watched the video, but nobody said anything. On the contrary, as Metropolis has recounted, the brother has received in recent days death threats and insults by Whatsapp.

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“I’m going to to stab so that your mother and father suffer for you”, a screenshot can be read. “For liars you are deadfriend”. The person who sends the messages accuses the brother, in addition, of having put a “boy” in a center: he refers to one of the six minors who raped the girl and is in a closed regime.

The young man denounced these threats on the TV3 program ‘Planta Baixa’, where he said that he believed that the threats came from the environment of the alleged attackers. The Prosecutor’s Office also began to investigate these facts and he gave the boy one police escort: a plain-clothes Catalan police officer accompanies him home from school every day to avoid retaliation.

Identified the author

The mayor of Badalona Ruben Guijarro explained on Thursday that the author of the death threats to the brother of the girl victim of the alleged sexual assault has already been identified.

Guijarro explained to the media that, based on the information available to the consistory, the Mossos d’Esquadra have been able to identify the person who threatened to stab him.

The mayor has asked for respect for the family for the “difficult ordeal that is happening” and has stressed that “we are talking about a minor who has not only had to go through the family situation of what happened, but has also suffered threats in this sense”.

Guijarro has stressed that the victim’s brother is protected by the police, and has regretted that the minor has “to be escorted to his study center”, and that everyone around him is also being monitored.

On the possibility of the family leaving Badalona, ​​Guijarro has limited himself to pointing out that “we must be very respectful with the familyin how they are living this moment, this media avalanche”, at the same time that he has shown “his unconditional support and accompaniment” to any decision they make.

On the other hand, the General Directorate of Child Care (DGAIA) has opened a file for each of the three minors under 14 years of age, unimputable by the courts, accused of participating in sexual assault.

The general director of the DGAIA, Ester Cabanes, has explained in a press conference held in Barcelona that this general directorate has commissioned its professionals from the group called EMI14 to study with the minors accused of sexual assault and their families how it has arrived to this situation.

It’s about finding out”what happened” with these minors under 14 years of age and also to know their family and school environment so that they have come to participate in the commission of a crime as serious as a sexual assault.

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