the social network stops working due to an internal management failure

Twitter is down in Spain and in much of the world. According to the web, Elon Musk’s social network is suffering from a failure that prevents see the web links correctly. The links are completely broken and don’t work.

The problems have started around 6:00 p.m., Spanish peninsular time, which has caused a real rise in user reports. They denounce that the platform not only does not display the links of web pages correctly, but that the images of the entire site have been broken and they don’t show up well.

Let’s remember that Twitter is currently in a very delicate situation, with a staff of disgruntled workers and low performance due to waves of layoffs and malpractice by Musk when it comes to running the company. One of the possible theories regarding this failure would be centered in the twitter url shortener used to display what is linked in what users post.

Twitter fails again

Twitter is immersed in a constant testing procedure that leads to all kinds of changes; from Musk’s occurrences to functions that the tycoon had been planning for a long time. Musk recently rose to fame for shutting down Twitter API access to bots and third-party applications. Therefore, users are theorizing that this new bug is due to changes in the Twitter URL shortener.

Twitter makes use of a URL shortener that, as its name suggests, allows you to greatly shorten the links located in a tweet to summarize them with the address ‘’. Thus, users will see the shortened URL instead of seeing the link in its entirety. Proof of that is that the Twitter support website which details this, is completely down.

Everything indicates that this is due to the analytics data service of the URLS shortener. Because Elon Musk put in place a system to charge companies for access to the Twitter API, it could be that the service the company uses to capture analytics data for external links (using ‘’, the shortener of URLs) no longer have access.

Hence the outgoing links don’t work, or at least, that’s one of the best explanations at the moment. All Twitter developer websites, even the mainthey are down Mind you, this presumably will cause a large drop in external traffic on Twitter, due to the malfunction of the URLS.

Twitter Logo with Elon Musk

Twitter Logo with Elon Musk

Reuters/Dado Ruvic


Twitter support has spoken on his profile. He says that “some parts of Twitter may not be working as expected” due to “an internal change” that has had “unexpected consequences.” The company has confirmed that They are already working on solving the problem.

Not all of Twitter is down; Services such as DMs (direct messages) on the platform continue to work. However, this is causing many of the images on Twitter they are directly inaccessible (including profile ones), so it seems that the error is even greater. Due to the atypical nature of the bug, it is unknown when the issue will be fully resolved.

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