The Sand (2015) Film Explained | Sand’s Monster Hunts the People Summarized

The Sand (2015) Horror film explained. The American Horror Thriller film “Sand: Beach Killer,” additionally referred to as the ‘Blood Sand’ story, summarized the whole finishing in explanation. A horrified Beach monster hunts the People on this. The plot revolves around a collection of university college students who spend the whole night time at a ship party. They additionally find out a mysterious egg that none of them have ever visible earlier than and begin gambling with it. This egg hatches the subsequent day, ensuing withinside the start of a creature that lives below the sand and enjoys consuming flesh. When a female notices that whoever continues their toes at the pinnacle of the sand sinks inside, everybody turns afraid. Because the monster is withinside the ground, he kills all the college students separately and drags them into it. All of those humans have by no means visible something like it. Will they be capable of making it? You need to be conscious that the Beach in this Movie is a lethal killer.

” After an all-night graduation beach party, a group of hung-over twenty-somethings awake to a beating sun, and a seemingly carnivorous beach that devours anything with a heartbeat that touches the sand. ” –  IMDb.

The Sand (2015) Film Explanation

The film ‘The Sand’ begins,
Some friends are at the beach.
They had a great time there; some were singing, and others were dancing.
Some were playing games.
Meanwhile, they find a huge and strange thing.
They start making fun of it and also damages it.
They don’t know what is inside it.
What actually the thing is?
After the enjoyment, they all get tired.
They sleep in their cars.

In the morning, they all wake up one by one.
One of the girls is named Marsha.
She was sleeping on the table.
As she wakes up, her condition gets worse.
She vomits.
They all think maybe it is happening because of the road.
Marsha was feeling weird.
A girl sees a bird sitting on the sand there.
That bird was fine.
But the sand starts absorbing it.
Like it was a deep bog.
The girl gets worried.

She says to her friend Marsha don’t place your feet on sand,
there is danger.
But before Marsha listens to her, she has placed her foot on Sand.
Her feet were going in the sand.
She tries to take out her foot,
But she couldn’t do this. She was about to move out her foot while using her hands.
Because of it, her hands were also absorbed in the sand.
She gets scared and starts screaming.
How could her friends come to help her? They will also be stuck?
None understood that what should they do?
Seeing Marsha’s condition, one of her friends comes out of his car.
Everyone forbids him, but he doesn’t listen to them.
As he goes on the sand, he falls.
He grovels and is stuck with the sand.
He tries to pick himself up.
But his skin also stuck with the sand.
The sand has injured his body.

His friends start the car so they can pull their friend up
But their car also doesn’t start.
Meanwhile, a friend of the boy throws a rope towards him.
But now, the boy was not in a condition to hold the rope.
Sadly, within a short time, his all body goes inside the sand.
What can others do except for seeing him going inside the sand?
They all get scared, and they plan to move from there immediately.
Now the boy who was sitting at the driving seat of the car is named Jonah.
He again tries to start the car.
But he couldn’t do this.

Then we see a healthy man there he was in a drum.
When he was about to move, his friends say to him, please don’t move.
If you move and fall, the sand will take you with it.
Are you kidding me, says the man?
Because he hasn’t seen anything with his eyes.
He was sleeping, and he was feeling pain
he starts moving.
A boy says someone will come within two hours to help us.
We have called, and if you stay still here, they will rescue us.
Please pay attention to what I am saying, so the man agrees.
Even there isn’t anything like this; no help was coming.
They all were stuck here.

Marsha’s friend says to them, we all did party yesterday on this beach.
Why wasn’t this sand affecting us yesterday?
There were other people where they have gone?
Now they guess that those people also went into the sand.
Still, they don’t stick in the sand because they were not on the sand directly.
They were in their cars or at a high place.
Meanwhile, the healthy man starts screaming again.
He says the sun rays are annoying; his friend throws sunscreen towards him
and says, apply it. You will feel good.
After applying it, he feels good.

They see the thing which they find at night.
They damaged it at night that thing wasn’t visible,
that big thing was an egg, and they made a huge mistake while breaking it.
It was divided into two pieces
it means the thing that was inside it was surely come out.
Maybe the creature that came out from the egg lives in the sand.
That creature is taking them inside the sand.
Now Marsha’s friend throws something towards the sand.
The sand also takes that thing inside it, and here they come to know the creature is inside the sand.
Jonah says like this; we can’t do anything.
We have to take a step for ourselves.
He lifts a skateboard and tries to walk on it, and move to the table.
He walks on it successfully, but as he reaches near the table,
the skateboard was slipping.
His feet were also slipping, and being slipped; he comes near the sand.
Due to it, something comes out of the sand and touches his belly.
But Jonah doesn’t get nervous, and he immediately climbs up to the table.
There was a bag, and there were some snacks in it.
He finds a banana from a bag.
When he eats it, he starts vomiting.

As he sees his belly, there were many wounds.
It was done by the thing which came out of the sand.
They all get panicked after seeing this.
Jonah says to them; this is nothing. You just think about your safety.
With it, he throws drinks towards them so that the thirsty one can drink them.
But then Jonah feels pain in his belly.
His wounds were also bleeding.
His friend becomes sad and starts weeping.
Jonah says to her, don’t cry. We are all strong.
Jonah lay down there.

Meanwhile, a girl in the car says that our mobile phones are in the car’s boot.
We have to take them so we can call for help.
But none wants to take this risk the boot of the car doesn’t open while sitting here.
A girl says I will do it. She goes and opens the boot, but it doesn’t open.
She goes to the other side.
A black-haired girl handover her a piece of cloth.
So she may hold it tightly and may not fell on the sand side.
But still, she can’t open the boot of the car properly.
Then Jonah’s friend makes her hold a rod; she asks her to try it.

Finally, the girl opens the boot of the car.
But then they see someone is coming
he was the supervisor of that place.
It means he was the beach petrel supervisor.
They all saw him and during this the girl who has opened the boot
her fingers are stuck in the boot.
It means the boot was closed.
She screams, and they all try to call her near them.
But the supervisor says this new generation does strange things after taking drugs.
They all tell him we are in trouble.
He takes his car near them and was about to move out of the car
they all scream, don’t put your foot on the sand.
When the man comes out, they all get shocked
that the sand doesn’t do anything to him.
At first, he goes to Jonah.

He gets shocked after seeing his belly.
Who has done all this?
After it, he tries to take the healthy man out of the drum.
But his weight was too much, and he couldn’t do this alone.
He says I will call my team in a short time.
They will rescue you all from here.
But I don’t understand what are you doing here?
Jonah’s friend tries to tell him everything.
She tells him that the fingers of our friend are stuck in the boot of the car.
The supervisor goes to her but doesn’t help her.
Jonah’s friend starts shouting.
The supervisor goes near her and says, why are you misbehaving with me?
What is the problem with you?
She says don’t you see we are in trouble?
We can’t come on the sand.

The sand has already swallowed our two friends.
The supervisor says, don’t drag me in these games.
If there is something like this, then how am I standing on the sand?
Come down immediately.
But Jonah’s friend and her friend didn’t come down
because they know they can lose their life.
The supervisor takes out his gun, and his keys also fall on the sand.
They all forbid him that he doesn’t put his hand on the sand, but he doesn’t listen when his hand touches the sand to pick up his keys.
The sand stuck his hand with it.

The supervisor had the pepper spray, and he sprays it on the sand.
But it was useless.
The creature has taken his half hand with it.
The hand of the supervisor cuts.
His hand was bleeding, and he starts screaming.
Jonah’s friend picks up the pepper spray while getting off.
Maybe it can help us to defeat the creature.

The supervisor completely falls on the sand.
In a short time, the sand takes him inside it.
Now Jonah’s friend talks to her companion in the cabin.
They understand that the sand wasn’t hurting the supervisor
because he has strong shoes, like towels. It means fibers.
The boy says to his companions, throw towels at me.
We’ll tie them with our feet and then move on.
He falls from the cabin after his companions throw towels at him while he is catching them.
When he falls, many things like roots come out of the sand; they may be the creature’s tentacles.
They stuck with his body and started sucking his blood.
It happens the same with him that happened to the others.
It means he disappears somewhere in the sand.

It was a bad incident for his friends.
The black-haired girl starts weeping while putting her hands on her ears.
Jonah’s friend says to her everything will be fine.
She asks her to place the grill straight here; she places one more grill there and then jumps from the cabin comes into the car.
As she comes into the car, she slaps the black-haired girl.
Because she planned to come here.
But this happening wasn’t her mistake.
Now they try to take out the fingers of the girl from the boot of the car.
They succeed.
Jonah’s friend ties a towel on her hand.
On another side, we see the healthy man
feeling bad because he was stuck in the drum.
Because his body was stuck in it, so it starts swelling.
It also starts bleeding.

When the blood flows into the sand, some tentacles come out of the sand.
They come to know there is a human. Maybe they will attack the healthy man.
On another side, those girls make a way
while joining the grills from the car to the table.
Now the black-haired girl goes to Jonah.
The girl whose fingers were stuck in the boot
asks Jonah’s friend to leave because her hand is bleeding.
If it falls on the sand, the creature will attack us.
Jonah’s friend reaches him.
In the end, the girl with the injured fingers walks on the grill.
When she reaches the end, her hand starts bleeding,
the blood drop falls, and the creature comes out.

When she sees it, the girl becomes terrified and loses her balance.
She also slips and falls in the sand.
The sand absorbs her completely.
On another side, we healthy man’s blood was flowing from the drum.
Those tentacles attract him and climb up the drum.
We see the black-haired girl who ties many towels on her feet and starts walking.
The sand doesn’t affect her.
She was happy, and now she was standing in the car of the supervisor.
Seeing her, the healthy man was also happy and starts enjoying
that they will come out of the place soon.
But he doesn’t know those tentacles have empty his drum from the downside.
Now those tentacles grew up and stuck with his body.
They take him inside the sand.
Due to it, he also dies.
This creature becomes big.

Because it has eaten many people.
Its tentacles were also become strongest now.
It comes to the car of the supervisor and moves it.
Because of it, the black-haired girl falls on the car.
When her head hits the car, she gets faint.
Jonah’s friend was left alone.
Others condition was worse. Someone’s belly was injured, and someone fainted.
She gets panicked, and the night appears.
As the night appears, the black-haired girl comes to her senses.
She lays an air tub there from which he takes Jonah from there and reaches the car.
When Jonah’s friend was also coming behind them,
the creature shuts the car’s door with its tentacle.
The surprising thing was the tentacles of the creature were glowing.
A blue light was coming from them.
But Jonah’s friend doesn’t lose courage.

She comes upside the car, and she sees there is Gasoline that can go near her.
The creature holds the can, and it wasn’t sparing it.
Without wasting time, Jonah’s friend picks up the other cane.
She sprinkles the gasoline around the car.
Due to it, some gasoline falls at the creature, and after it, she sets it on fire.
Due to it, the tentacles of the creature also catch fire.
It starts to yearn, and Jonna’s friend immediately goes inside the car.
She locks the door.
The creature tries to open the door.
But soon, because of burning, the strength of the monster decreases.
Soon it absorbs in the sand.
It was too late at night, and they were tired and scared.
They sleep in the car.

In the morning, someone knocks at the mirror of their car.
He was looking like a police officer.
When Jonah’s friend comes out and sees
places her feet on the sand, her feet don’t absorb in the sand.
With it, the black-haired girl also comes out.
They move from there.
The creature has died because of burning last night.
That’s why there was peace in the sand
wasn’t any movement.

Jonah dies because of wounds.
It was a sad moment.
But in the last scene of the movie, we come to know a shocking thing
that the creature didn’t die.
It is still alive and somewhere in the sea.
Now its target is the city.

Thus this movie ends.



Source: Tiberius Film
Director: Isaac Gabaeff
Producer: Gato Scatena
Edited By: Sean Puglisi
Writers : Alex GreenfieldBen Powell
Stars : Brooke ButlerCleo BerryCynthia Murell


Other Users Best Reviews

I idea this film has become sincerely terrible and challenging to observe due to how cringe it is. It was made in 2015, now no longer 1915, and the computer graphics may be more excellent than a crappy inexperienced display and some tentacles. I experience sorry for anyone’s call. This is connected to this movie. They need to be broken. The actors need to have been picked from off the road or had been on drugs, that they’d get no enthusiasm and didn’t fit up with what became occurring within the plot. If one in all them fiends died, they could cry traditionally then seconds later, he laughing. My non-public favorite component becomes while Gilbert becomes first shown. He truly lightened this film for me. Nonetheless, this film is a bit of trash, and no one has to watch it. Some may also say it’s so terrible it’s good. However, it’s now no longer so awful. It should be so awful that it can have been humoroushowever, you understand those humans have a profession, and we’re severe, and it isn’t always amusing. They need to have obtained their traces the day if and filmed each scene handiest once. This movie needs to had been completed in 2 hours. It seems like a group of excessive schoolers forgot approximately a homework undertaking and did it a closing minute. I stan Gilbert purchase the whole thing else become god awful.🙄🙄 – By a Google Uesr


This is the excellent film I have ever watched! The appearance is terrific, and the storyline is nicely crafted. You truly get to understand the characters and look like actual life. The component with the egg burning handiest makes sense. Gilbert is the excellent actor I’ve ever encountered in my expert professional. The outcomes are brilliant and higher than any new movie today. This movie will cross down as one of the classics and all-time greats. Highly recommend. – By another Google Uesr



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