The question that Edurne avoided answering in ‘El Hormiguero’

the week of the anthill starring only women began with the visit of the singer Edurne, who came to promote the song strawberries and champagne, which will be on his next album. The artist avoided talking about one of her committed issues and that has already brought her problems in the past.

The night started talking about the curious video clip that he has recorded with his musicians, that outraged the ants: “Wait a minute, Pablo, haven’t you been outraged by this video clip?” Trancas asked angrily. “It has outraged me a lot,” added Barrancas to help her tablemate.

Edurne’s latest video clip has outraged Trancas and Barrancas so much that they have had to apologize for him


It was all due to what the guest has recreated in this new job: “I mean, Edurne, you’re having a doll party…”…”And who haven’t you invited?”, they said very annoyed. The woman from Madrid realized the joke and immediately apologized for the ruling: “Very ugly on my part, I’m sorry, but since it is the first of many, in the next one only us.”

“I wanted to convey that you only have to get ready when you meet someone or that you always have to have a party with people…”, he explained. He also confessed to the people who are under the masks “they are my musicians on the tour, although I did not warn them that they were going to go out like this,” she acknowledged.

Pablo Motos asked Edurne to send advice to Blanca Paloma before her visit to Eurovision

Pablo Motos asked Edurne to send advice to Blanca Paloma before her visit to Eurovision


Although good vibes reigned throughout the interview, the presenter of the anthill He wanted to open two controversial issues for his guest. The first was the Benidorm Fest and everything that is generated around Eurovision. “What advice would you give Blanca Paloma?” She asked our representative at the festival in 2015.

“That it is a bubble, that there are wonderful people who live Eurovision in a healthy way, but it is true that people are going to criticize everything, my advice is that they do what they want to do, that they defend the song as they know how to do it and that forget everything,” he said, recalling his experience with the song Amanecer, with which he was ranked 21st.

The second commitment in which he got him was about Manchester, the city where he lives on horseback with Madrid. The Valencian joked when he recalled an anecdote that occurred during a visit that took place in 2015. “They told me that Manchester is uglier than a fridge from behind…”, he told him at that time.

The singer came out of that with the phrase saying that “it is not very beautiful, the truth is that it is not, you have to look for specific places”, something that did not sit well with the fans of Manchester United, a team in which David De plays. Gea, your partner. Pablo wanted to remember that that was his phrase and that the singer had nothing to do with it.

Edurne avoided speaking at 'El Hormiguero' in the city of Manchester at all costs after the controversy she had years ago

Edurne avoided speaking at ‘El Hormiguero’ in the city of Manchester at all costs after the controversy she had years ago


When mentioning the subject again, the woman from Madrid wanted to cut the subject at the root: “It’s beautiful, Pablo. It’s very beautiful. Look, someone still reminds me of it today.” The Valencian wanted to say again that it is an ugly city, but she cut him off: “We are not going to say it, that is unpronounceable.”

Meanwhile, the ants wanted to put more fuel on the fire and appeared to ask about British gastronomy, something that she came out with great mastery when extolling one of the typical sets. “The fish and chips I love them, he said to try to calm the possible consequences.

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