The PSV fan who hit Dmitrovic in the Europa League is sentenced to three months in jail

Bad news for the fan who jumped onto the pitch of the Philips Stadium barely two weeks ago during the match between the PSV and Seville corresponding to the playoff of the europa league. The intention of the Dutch follower was none other than to hit Marko Dmitrovic to vent his frustration with the result against which the whole of the city of eindhoven.

The PSV supporter took advantage of an attack by the Sevilla team to circumvent the stadium’s security and get as close as possible to the Sevilla goalkeeper. In the first instance, he caught the goalkeeper off guard, but luckily, Dmitrovic knew how to neutralize and thwart the person’s attempts at aggression. In addition, he kept him on the ground waiting for the guards to remove him from the field of play.

Before that, the youngster wanted to hit the goalkeeper’s face, who could not completely avoid the impact and was affected in the struggle with the fan. In fact, after the game a mark could be seen on his neck as a result of the scratches suffered by the brainless man.

Now, the sentence that the PSV fan will have to face after passing the complaint to a judge has been known. First of all, he has already been sentenced by a judge to three months in prison for his assault on Marko Dmitrovic, as ruled by the Dutch justice this Wednesday.

The convicted man, who was drunk at the time of the attack, was already serving a sentence that prohibited him from entering the venue, although he has not revealed how he entered the stadium. He has been fired from his job and expelled from the PSV supporters club to which he belonged. But the matter does not stop there, since he was already serving another sentence that did not allow him to enter the premises of the Dutch team.

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In the Premier, another example

This weekend there was a very similar episode. This time the protagonist was a young fan of the Liverpool. The young man wanted to accompany his team’s footballers while they celebrated one of his team’s many goals against Manchester United, but his decision did not turn out as he expected.

Just as he was about to reach the group of players from the Liverpool, the youngster slipped with the bad luck of hitting Robertson in his ankle. Although everything was scared despite the images of the side grabbing his joint, the English team did not hesitate to suspend him for life.

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