The Prosecutor’s Office will denounce Barcelona and Negreira for corruption in business and unfair administration

The earthquake in Spanish football continues with the ‘Negreira case’. The prosecution file a complaint against the former vice president of the Technical Committee of Refereesagainst him FC Barcelona and against Josep Maria Bartomeupresident of the culé team for six years and responsible for the last payments to the former collegiate.

The complaint focuses on the nearly 1.4 million euros received by Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira between 2016 and 2018. A step forward to try to settle what happened within the culé entity during those fifteen more years and thus find out if there really were arbitration favors to the culé team.

For this reason, the Prosecutor’s Office has decided to appear against them for corruption in business and unfair administration, the latter referring to FC Barcelona and Bartomeu. Meanwhile, the complaint has already been sent State Attorney General’s Office to be visaed and thus start the process as soon as possible.

[Laporta se defiende de las acusaciones por el ‘Caso Negreira’: “El Barça nunca ha comprado árbitros”]

During 2001 and 2018, Enríquez Negreira received payments from FC Barcelona worth 6,659,488 euros, although the Prosecutor’s Office has focused on the last two years, where he received 1.4 million. An amount for which the vice president of the CTA at that time gave advice to the club on the referees who directed the matches.

In addition to Josep María Bartomeu, there were three other presidents of FC Barcelona who made payments to Enríquez Negreira during his tenure. Joan Gaspart, Sandro Rossell and Joan Laportatop leader of the club and who carried them out in his first stage.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, during an act.


Enríquez Negreira channeled all payments received through two companies. With DASNIL 95 SL andNIDSAL SCP He was receiving the money from the culé entity during the seventeen years that the union lasted, according to the portal Football Leaks. In addition, his son, Javier Negreira Romero, along with his company, was also involved. Soccercam SL.

Laporta’s words

One of the last to give his version of the ‘Enríquez Negreira case’ has been Joan Laporta. The one who made different payments during his first term in the culé team. The president, who has barely made public appearances since the news came to light, wanted to defend himself against what had happened.

“We have a press conference prepared to talk about this issue. Barça has never hired referees and Barça has never had the intention of buying referees,” Laporta explained at an event organized by the Godó Group in the Equestrian Circle of Barcelona.

Joan Laporta during an act

Joan Laporta during an act

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Besides, the maximum mandator culé wanted to signal a supposed campaign to destabilize to the club in one of his best moments during the last years. Laporta focused on javier thebesPresident of The leagueand in the cvc that the president culé rejected.

“There is a campaign to harm the interests of Barça. It is a campaign aimed at controlling the club. LaLiga does not accept that Barça did not sign the contract with CVC,” Laporta stressed during the event. During all the controversy that has plagued the culé team, the tonic has been not to give notoriety to what they consider a campaign against them in order to cause the good progress to plummet.

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